TAMI'S BONDAGE ROMP         Starring: Tami Monroe and Crystal

Busty Tami is rather upset with Jay about their lack of private playtime and puts up quite the 'bitch-fest'.  Though Jay doesn't totally agree with her complaints, he does agree that she deserves some attention.   Soon he has her lying across his lap and is applying ropes, ever so tightly, around her willing body.   Tami's elbows and wrists are quickly lashed together and Jay bares her massive breasts and tender pussy.   Tami is obviously enjoying this little scene and soon finds herself hogtied and ballgagged on his lap.   She is left to wiggle on the sofa while further preparations are made.   Elbows together again, she sits chair-tied as the crotchrope creases her pussy and the ballgag fills her lovely mouth.   Jay plays with her huge tits before binding them into a most creative breast bondage.   Using her long blonde hair, he ties her head back to her elbows and then places clamps and weights onto her heavy breasts.   Now totally naked and barefoot, Tami is bound with chains in an unforgiving, elbows-together, lotus tie.  The ballgag, chained into her mouth, allows only muffled moans to escape.   Nipple clamps and weights add to her pleasure and mounting frustration.   In her next two romps, Tami is tightly bound with speaker wire -- elbows together, of course.  Her huge breasts bulge around the wire cords and a wire crotchrope snakes between her legs.   Jay clamps her nipples and roughly squeezes her breasts -- Tami now has what she wants...and needs.   Her second sessions with wire bondage culminates when Jay applies nipple clamps, tapes them in place, and finishes her off with a very restrictive hogtie.  In her final bondage, Tami is bound on-camera with metal hose clamps -- not exactly the treatment she had in mind just a few hours ago.   She cries out as the metal bands, tightened by an electric screwdriver, compress her tender flesh.   The ballgag with metal band completes the package.   A crop is applied to her tits and they soon glow an appealing shade of red.   Heavy duty clamps stretch her nipples and she is forced to sit in the corner until the master chooses to play with her again.  Crystal, a beautiful black woman, debuts in three strict bondages -- her first time ever in bondage.   Her first experience is a stool-tie that ends in a strict strappado -- much to her consternation.   Now bound on the floor, she wiggles around to show off her great body but that only prompts Jay to enter and restrain her into a strict hogtie.   Crystal's final scene shows her on knee-point with arms stretched upwards to the ceiling.   Jay enters, raises her outstretched leg off the floor, adorns her nipples with clamps and then whips her breasts and stomach.   Crystal drools freely during this treatment and as she moans you can see the drool glistening on her brown breasts.

82 minutes of porn star Tami Monroe and the subjugation of a hot black slave...

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