2 ON 1          Starring: Sabrina Mills, Stacy Burke, Rebecca Torricco, Ginger Jenkinson and Gloria Reyes

Sexy Sabrina, a busy executive, arrives home from a long day at the office only to be surprised by two men who have broken into her home.   They quickly grab her, tie her, gag her and then leave her to struggle.   A few minutes later, the guys return and begin untying their poor captive.   But instead of releasing her they strip her clothing off and tie her up again -- this time leaving her in a great strappado tie near her front door.   Blonde doll Stacy is ready for a night out on the town but these two guys have different plans.   She is summarily bound and gagged in her lovely evening gown and a white ballgag is stuffed into her complaining mouth.   She thinks of using the phone to call for help but the guys are having none of that -- instead, she is pulled out of her dress and tightly re-tied and hogtied on the floor.   Statuesque Rebecca strolls upstairs only to find two men waiting for her -- she is soon helplessly tied, gagged and at their mercy.   Still tied, she attempts to wiggle down the stairs, only to be found and dragged back upstairs, then partially stripped and tied into a strict hogtie.   Huge-titted Ginger is pushed into the room, her wrists tied behind her, not knowing that she will soon be under their complete control.   The two men lash her elbows together, shove a ballgag between her lips, and securely bind her to a chair.   She struggles helplessly as her skimpy top is roughly pulled up, exposing her massive boobs, and more rope is applied.   Busty Latina Gloria is no match for the two men who are determined to have their way with her.   She is powerless to stop them as they wrap her in ropes and silence her with a black ballgag.   Later, the men are tying her to a chair when Stacy stumbles into the room -- bad luck for her.   Jay puts Stacy into a hogtie while Dominic torments Gloria and wraps med-wrap over her ballgag.

75 minutes -- everything happens on-screen so you don't miss a thing.

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