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JB-02 Roped and Groped 2!

93 minutes, 16 scenes VHS or DVD

Starring: Anastasia Pierce, Hollywood, Stacy Burke, Natali Demore,
Loren Chance & Darby Daniels!

A Jack Banner Video Produced and Directed by Jack Banner
and licensed for distribution with Dominic Wolfe Enterprises, Inc.



Note: Jack was working without an assistant, so there are no stills of him groping! BE SURE and check out the video trailer for wall to wall groping!

Naive hitchhiker Loren has gotten herself into a bad situation. Instead of getting a ride, she gets kidnapped and bound in some filthy basement. Loren, in tight jeans and a sexy t-shirt, is lashed to a pole, with her elbows brutally bound together and a huge chunk of black rubber in her whimpering mouth. Tied on her knees all night, finally she is stood up and retied on camera. Post-tied with wrenched elbows and tight chest ropes, Jack crops her hard, gropes her luscious tits, taunts and humiliates her. Later that evening, Jack dresses Loren up in sexy clothes - a tight white blouse exposing her bulging cleavage, a short black skirt, black hose, and shiny black heels. She is bound in a chair and strictly gagged with an ace bandage. He ferociously crops her thighs, then opens her shirt to grope her pushed-up tits. He blindfolds her, whips and gropes her some more before adding ropes around her neck. He lets her struggle, completely terrified and violated, and then he knocks his helpless captive out. 

Anastasia comes home, completely unaware that two dangerous thugs are lurking in the hallway. They knock her out, when she comes to she is bound incredibly tightly to a kitchen chair with rough hemp. One of her captors terrorizes her with a riding crop, then unbuttons her blouse and squeezes her delicious tits. Her short skirt is pulled up, giving him access to her pussy (she is wearing pantyhose without panties underneath). He gropes and abuses her bound body despite her ball-gagged protests. Later, she is blindfolded, gagged, and bound on the floor. The crotch is cut out of her pantyhose, and a tight crotch rope makes her sweet pussy bulge out of the nylon hole. Her tormentor brutally whips her pussy with a riding crop, squeezes her sensitive nipples till they are rock hard, and gropes her exposed flesh roughly. He takes the big black ball-gag out of her whimpering mouth and shoves in an even bigger one! The brutes ties Anastasia in another outrageously painful position and abandons her there to struggle. The bondage in this scene is spectacular, with Anastasias hands pulled up behind her in a vicious reverse prayer and attached to the huge, punishing ball-gag in her mouth. There is no way she can escape, and her struggling only makes her voluptuous tits tremble and shake. Brutal and sexy! 

Darby's sexy intern Natali seems to have some trouble conforming to the company dress code, so Darby decides to give her some harsh behavior modification. Darby orders Natali to come by her house for a training session later that evening. Natali is bound, gagged, stripped and tormented by her sadistic boss. Darby pulls open Natalis blouse to crop and grope her enormous tits. Natali whimpers in protest, but she is helpless to resist Darby's lascivious molestation. Next, Darby puts Natali in a tight chest harness, with a big pipe bound behind her elbows. She is stripped to heels, hose, a short skirt and a monstrous ball-gag. Her bulging tits are easy targets. Darby continues to torment her bound intern, cropping and groping her soft, exposed flesh and forcing her to prance around like a pony. In the midst of her misery, Natali has a revenge fantasy about tying and tormenting her bitchy boss. Darby is bound in the same fashion and Natali crops and fondles her vulnerable, creamy white flesh. Back in reality, Darby forces Natali to pose for a camera, still bound and humiliated. Natali is tied topless in a chair with her legs spread. Her gorgeous pussy is visible through the crotch of her pantyhose. Darby tortures her with a riding crop and pinches her nipples and thighs hard. Next, she pulls out a vibrator and forces it against Natalis vulnerable pussy, leaving it there while she continues to whack her with the crop. Natalis delicious tits bounce around as she writhes in pleasure and pain. Hot girl/girl action!

Jack, an enthusiastic peeping tom, has his whole house (and most of his neighborhood) wired for surveillance. His saucy sister-in-law Stacy comes to live at the house, and Jacks wife forbids him to fool around with her. But when he gets footage of Stacy stealing money out of the cookie jar, she becomes his blackmailed bitch. He forces her to strip, then he ties and gags her. Once she is bound and helpless, he gropes her hot, busty body. He makes her change bras several times, keeping her tied and gagged and vulnerable the whole time. He orders her to pose for the camera and she does, but with an air of feisty resistance, so Jack decides she needs a little behavioral modification. He spanks and gropes her relentlessly, then restrains her in handcuffs and fondles her huge, delicious tits some more. It's a weekend in hell for Stacy, but Jack enjoys her lush body the whole time.

Bonus Features include a short vignette with hardbody Hollywood and her big tits, and a behind the scenes photo shoot with Loren (who we all know loves to get roped up tight whenever she can). I work hard to give my customers a great value..I promise you'll enjoy this video!...Jack Banner

ID #: jb02
Price: $22.50 Per Tape/DVD

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