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Starring: Candle Boxx, Eden Wells, Mary Jane Green, Paris Kennedy, Ginger Lee, Natali Demore,
Loren Chance, Darby Daniels & Marie Valentine & Anastasia Pierce


A Jack Banner Video Produced and Directed by Jack Banner
and licensed for distribution with Dominic Wolfe Enterprises, Inc.


Hot Scene after scene of busty, gorgeous women roped & groped just the way you want it.

Note: Jack often works without an assistant, so the stills cannot always show Jack groping the girls. DO check out the video preview to sample all the hot action!

Candle Boxx opens this video as "Hottest Teacher" ever. Her sheer top and short skirt show off her bangin' body, and in no time at all Jack has her tightly lashed to a chair. She's helpless as her big tits are groped & squeezed. While feeling her up, Jack informs her she's going to star in a sex tape. Next we see the busty bombshell, kneeling, elbows welded behind her, with a dildo near her sexy mouth. Jack yanks her thick hair, slaps her tight ass till she starts sucking. Jack gropes her from behind as she services the dildo, then unbuttons her top and goes for her perfect tits. Candle Boxx is the next Bondage Superstar...and she's never looked better!

Next are more scenes of busty office hottie Eden Wells and IT nerd Jack. Eden's been blackmailed, and Jack has her securely bound & gagged in his apartment. Eden's got great tits, and Jack cannot keep his hands off them. Eden has no choice but to put up with this humiliation & Jack enjoys every minute of it.

Jack's on the run from the cops, and in a run down industrial park he happens upon Internet star Mary Jane Green and her "rigger". Jack orders the rigger to tie up Miss Green very tightly, and for the next 12 minutes he drools as "rigger" Loren Chance ropes, gropes and fondles MJ's sexy body. Mary Jane's legs are world class, has great tits and she's very girly. Jack has a hard time just watching, and in the last scene Jack lashes Loren to a post, and her tight c-cups are rudely groped. Great girl- girl action with Jack firmly in control.

Sexy blonde Ginger Lee is still captive of some masked creep. She is manhandled and abused, she can only moan thru her gag as her humiliation continues. A creepy tension prevades this story. Next she is tied to a bed, and has been injected with a drug that increases her pain & pleasure by a factor of 5. Her captor alternately arouses and punishes her exposed body. Very sexy, and very edgy. You'll wish it was Ginger's body under you hands!

Eden's back, tied up in some dungeon as Anastasia Pierce spanks, paddles and gropes her. Both girls look very hot, and there are lots of views up Eden's short skirt. Eden can't help drooling all over the place...don't you love seeing a hottie totally out of control.

Darby Daniels gets a brutal hogtie in the next scene. Triple welded elbows force her shoulders back and tits out, and Jack can't resist pulling up her tight t shirt and feeling her up. Her ass looks great too in tight jeans, and cute sneakers complete the package. Darby's not getting out of this anytime soon soon!

Paris Kenndey has her huge tits on display, as she kneels in some dirty dungeon. Jack and Loren tag team her, each having a great time groping her bound body. Her tits are mauled, hair pulled, and she can't do a thing about it. She's hot & helpless!

Marie Valentine is tightly elbow bound with a mean hard rubber gag in her mouth. So why is she smiling. Cause she loves this shit! She's a big tease, and looks hot in her mini skirt, sheer top and "fuck me" red pumps. Jack feels up her tight body, then decides to break out the vibrator. It's a tease & denial session, as Marie gets close but Jack doesn't let her cum. He gets off feeling her up as the vibe buzzes away, then he yanks it just before she can get off. He sends her home wet and horny...hopefully Marie's boyfriend will tie her up and f**k her.

Next up is aspiring actress Natalie Demore. She's desperate for work, and consents to a light "S & M audition" to get the part. Mean bitch Loren strips, ties & gags the clueless actress, then proceeds to flog the shit out of her. Her protests are ignored as her ass & tits are groped by Loren & Jack. As she leaves, Jack & Loren tell her she had the part already...they just needed a head shot!. Natalie storms out totally pissed off.

Eden and Anastasia return to the dungeon...this time Eden is topless, and Anastasia takes her time touching & stroking her exposed body. Her nipples, hips and flat tummy get special attention, and Ana ends up straddling Eden Very erotic.

I work hard to give my customers a great value..I promise you'll enjoy this video!...Jack Banner

•15 SCENES!•
•91 minutes!•
"Tie Kandy II"

ID #: jb06
Price: $22.50 Per Tape/DVD

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