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GRM 61- “Consensual Bondage Games”

1 hour 4 Minutes (64 Minutes)

Starring: Gina Rae Michaels and Maxine Angelit

Two consensual and fun bondage stories on one dvd!

Your boss , Gina Rae calls you into her office and you are already nervous. What does she want? Are you going to be written up or worse yet, fired? She thanks you for coming and tells you that she has a favor to ask of you as she gets up and saunters to the door in her short skirt, turtle neck sweater, pumps and pantyhose. She locks the door and sits back down at her desk. She tells you that you are never to mention to anyone what she is about to ask. She looks you in the eye and says “I want you to tie me up!” She smiles coyly as she pulls ropes and a gag out of her desk drawer. She moves her chair to the center of the room, takes a seat with rope still and hand and looks over her shoulder and asks, “are you going to tie me up now?!!” Gina is bound three different ways and you get to watch first hand as she wriggles and moans, enjoying every minute of her bondage. Looks like you have done a great job and you may be having lunch in the bosses office everyday. Very hot story where you get a view just like you are there and Gina talks directly to you.

Maxine phones Gina because she knows her boyfriend is a member of Gina’s website. Maxine knows that he is about to ask her to try bondage and Maxine is a bit worried. She makes an appointment with Ms Michaels to find out what her boyfriend may expect from her. Gina explains that gags to Maine and asks her to strip. She shows Maxine some spanking techniques, which Maxine seems to enjoy. Gina then hogties her and explains that her boyfriend may want to watch her struggle. Gina watches from the bed as Maxine tests her bondage. Being happy so far, Gina decides to show Maxine some leather bondage. Maxine is snugly ball tied and gets to watch in the mirror as she squirms and tries to move around bound. Once Maxine is released, she is very happy and confident she is ready for some bondage play with her boyfriend. She hugs Ms. Gina and leaves.

5 Great bondage ball gagged scenes and a cute girl/girl over the knee spanking scene.

If you like to see ladies really loving to be bound and gagged, this is the dvd for you!!


“After making many other purchases from various websites, I had been looking for a bondage dvd to show my girlfriend in the hopes that she might be open to the idea of trying bondage. I found this dvd “Consensual Bondage Games” and knew right away I had found the right one. We watched it together and it’s erotic light hearted theme really did the trick. We have had two wonderful play sessions, and are looking forward to many more. Thank you so much Ms Michaels, you are indeed the queen of bondage and theme video productions.”

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