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GRM-51 “Bound, Gagged, and ...."

1 hour 41 Minutes (101 Minutes)

5 scenes of action packed tight bondage with all gagging done ONSCREEN)!! Great girl on Girl action In EVERY SINGLE SCENE!! I SIMPLY COULDN”T GIVE THIS VIDEO AND EXACT TITLE BECAUSE OF ALL THE MANY DYNAMICS THAT ARE INVOLED IN EVERY SCENE!!

Samantha is on the phone with her lesbian ex-girlfriend Gina Rae. Sam is trying hard to gently tell Gina that their relationship is over and she has a new girlfriend now. Gina is arguing and tries to chance Samantha's mind. Samantha says that she will never take Gina back but Gina demands to talk face to face. When Gina can't seem to get Samantha to give her a second chance, she ties Samantha up and refuses to let her go. She tells Samantha that she knows she can make Samantha love her again. When Samantha threatens to get a restraining order, Gina laughs hysterically, pointing out that Samantha is already "restrained". She takes off her panties as Samantha watches in horror and packs them tightly in Samantha's mouth, wrapping them in tightly. She reminds Samantha how much fun they used to have together playing tie up games as she kisses her gagged faces. Gina gropes her boobies and then forces Samantha face deep in her clesveage while reminding her how much Samantha used to enjoy playing with her big bouncy boobies. Samantha gasps for air as she is smothered with Gina's boobs. Gina demands that Samantha take her back but Samantha refuses, so Gina continues to smother her. Will Samantha give in to Gina's humiliation and torment and be her girlfriend again?? You will have to buy this clip and find out.

Undercover Private Investigator Kobe Lee has been assigned to find out what is happening to the many ladies who have been reported missing in the last month. She has been carefully watching a place tht she has been told by an informant may hold the key to unraveling the mystery. She finds an opportunity when the place is obviously vacant and she makes her move to sneak in. Kobe tries several doors and windows before finding one that is not secure. She creeps in and changes into her disguise....a security uniform before taking a look around. Kobe finds some photos and she is sure that they are of the most recent girl who has been reported missing. She calls her partner to verify the hair color, height and weight of the girl. Even though the girl is bound, gagged and blindfolded, Kobe is sure this is the one. She creeps down the hall and finds some bondage gear, which she photographs to study later. She goes down the corodor and lets out a blood curdling scream. Kobe's shreek is muffled and turns into a mere "MMMMMmmppphhhh!!" as the camera fades. Next we see Kobe trussed up tight in torn linens and being hand gagged by evil kidnapper Gina Rae. Gina wants to know who sent Kobe and exactly what she is looking for. Kobe refuses to tell as Gina hand gags her over awnd over again. Gina picks up a pair of well worn socks and threatens to silencs Kobe with them but Kobe remains defiant!! Gina packs one of the socks in Kobe's mouth and holds it in. She explains that Kobe has one more chance and she better come clean. Kobe refuses when Gina rips the sock gag out of her mouth, leaving Gina no choice but to re-gag her. This time Gina packs BOTH socks tightly in Kobe's mouth jacking it open wide. She grabs a roll of duct tape and winds it around her head over and over again to hold the socks tightly in place. Gina Rae laughs and taunts the undercover agent demanding to know who sent her and what she thinks she is going to find but even if Kobe wanted to spill the details, she is having a very hard time verbalizing through the socks. Gina grabs her roughly and begins to smother her with her big double D boobies. Kobe gasps for air but Gina shoves her gagged face deeper into her cleavage. Kobe wriggles and fights but cannot stop Gina from burying her face again and again into her big boobies. When Gina is finished Kobe glares and still refuses to say much of anything, so Gina peels off her well worn panties and to Kobe's disbelief, she pulls them tightly over Kobe's face positioning the crotch panel right over Kobe's nose. Gina uses more duct tape to make sure she can't shake them off before leaving the panty hooded ,defeated secret agent to become just another missing girl......just like the ones that Undercover Agent Kobe was hoping to save.

Gina Rae and Emily Camille share an office at the firm. Gina works hard but all her inconsiderate co-worker does all day long is talk on the phone and annoy her. Gina has an important deadline to meet but Emily refuses to be quiet and let Gina work. Having had enough after asking Emily several times to please talk more softly on the phone, Gina springs out of her chair and grabs Emily roughly, forcing her to end her phone call. Gina tightly trusses Emily up with tape and pulls off her boots and removes her socks as emily demands to me set free. Gina forces her to smell the socks before packing both socks firmly in emily's mouth. She grabs a roll of duct tape from near by and wraps many layers tightly around Emily's head. Having enough of her noisy disruptive co-worker, after tightly gagging her, Gina uses her big boobies to menace Emily. Grabbing her head roughly, Gina buries her face deep in her chest causing Emily to gasp for each breath of air. Gina Rae has finally completed her project before the deadline, with no help from her annoying co- worker Emily Camille. Before leaving for the day, she decides to give Emily who is already trussed up tight with tape and massively gagged one more thing to think about. Gina pulls down her pink satin full back panties and rubs them in emilys face, paying careful attention to press them tightly against her nostrils giving her no choice but to inhale Gina's girl aroma. Gina pulls the panties over emily's head and positions the crotch panel over her nose before laughing and making her exit. Emily is livid as she is left struggling and gag talking. We would love to know who will come into to work first in the morning and discover office nuisance Emily helplessly bound , gagged and PANTYHOODED peering wide eyed through the leg holes of Gina's dirty panties!!!!

Gina's new Personal assistant Crystal is tired of making $10 an hour taking bookings and pushing paper for superstar bondage model Gina Rae Michaels. She books her shoots, packs her bags and watches Gina bring in the BIG bucks. Crystal wants to get ahead and comes up with a brilliant plan to make more money. She begins to go down the list of Gina's bookings and calls them all up explaining that Gina must cancel. She offers to send the hottest new bondage model from Gina's contacts and explains that there is a super new girl named "crystal Frost" who does amazing work. She smiles like a cheshire cat knowing that she will very soon to rich and famous. There is one thing that Crystal never considered.....what will happen to her when Gina catches on. Gina has burst into Crystal's house and has her totally trussed with and tightly taped to her very own coffee table. Gina is bitching at Crystal and the two argue about Crystal's deceipt. Having enough of Crystal's bitchy attitude, Gina whips out a huge piece of cloth and crystal protests that there is no way she can get all of the cloth in her mouth. Gina mocks her and tells her that she would have never cut it as an "A list" bondage model if she can't take a gag. She roughly packs the cloth tightly in Crystal's mouth and then quickly pulls it out. Crystal begins to scream but Gina muffles her yelps by packing the cloth right back in. She uses elasticon to wrap it tightly in and begins to mock Crystal about being a lesbian. Crystal become very angry but Gina plans to push her over the top. She kisses gags Crystal as crystal tries to pull away. She uses her large breasts to smother her and after a while makes fun of the fact that after reaching up crystal's skirt, she feel her pussy becoming very wet. Gina uses her enormous boobs to smother the underhanded personal assistant, laughing and mocking her. She gives Crystal one last chance to apologize but Crystal refuses. To teach her a lesson, Gina removes her well worn panties and places them over Crystal's head using electrical tape to make sure they stay in place. She positions the pungent crotch panel directly over crystal's nose and leaves her to ponder her bad decision. CRYSTAL IS LEFT PANYHOODED!

Gina Rae has just found out that she got the big promotion. She is on the phone telling a friend how excited she is. The friend brings up the fact that a mutual friend, Samantha was up for the same job and may be mad or disappointed. Gina tells her friend that she is sure Samantha wont have any problem with Gina getting the job, "After all", Gina explains, "I am smarter, harder working and more qualified"!! Gina doesnt notice, but Samantha has entered the whole office and hear her bragging. Samantha loses it and TOTALLY GOES OFF!! After she has Gina tightly trussed, she continues with her verbal assault before talking off her full back panties and packing them tightly into Gina's mouth. She uses much silver duct tape to wrap around Gina's head holding them in tight. The Samantha proceeds to punish Gina by smothering her with her big soft breasts while she continues to rant. Gina fights for air, choking, gurgling and growling as she is held tightly against Samantha's sexy chest. Samantha continues to smother Gina in her big breasts despite Gina's gagged protests. She eventually leaves Gina to throw a huge bound and gagged temper tantrum that you won’t want to miss!



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