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DH57: Bondage Scholar
Starring, Allanah Rhodes, Dan Hawke

Tall, sexy Allanah Rhodes is shown being drug into Danís torture dungeon. Dressed in a short black top, snake print skirt and black thigh highs, Allanah makes a very sexy picture. Quickly Dan attaches her wrists overhead and cranks her up, stretching her out. He spreads her legs, gags her and fondles her body. Then he tears her top open. Quickly her removes her skirt and after tugging her panties tightly into her crotch he tears them from her body.

Attaching cruel clamps to her labia, he then wraps her in a crotch rope that he pulls between her weighted pussy lips and through a pulley overhead. He attaches weights to the end of her pussy rope. Finally he drops a huge concrete block in front of her and ties it to the chain to her pussy clips. He slides the block back, stretching her lips painfully. He leaves her to suffer.

Next we find Allanah in kneeling on a box in a complex web of ropes. Dan cranks her up and she is soon suspended in this painful bondage. She spins helplessly. We fade out on this scene and find her next stretched out on a rack. Dan approaches and cranks her body until she is tautly stretched. He adds a crotch rope and pulls it tightly home. Then he uses some rawhide to tie her hair, holding her head up so she can stare at her swollen and tortured sex.

Finally we find the girl with her arms bound overhead. Her hair is also attached to the wooden spreader. Dan flogs her body mercilessly, paying special attention to her tits, her pussy and her armpits. Then he forces her to spin around and he flogs her back and ass until both are red. Finishing with the flogging, he spins her back around and decorates her hot body with clothespins. He crushes her pussy between wooden dowel rods and adds weighted nipple clips. She suffers for our pleasure until Dan returns and removes all of the clips from her protesting form. As a last indignity he cranks her up until she is suspended several feet from the floor. We fade out on this abused beauty spinning and dangling in mid-air!


1999 - 2005 © Dan Hawke Productions

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