LEATHER, RUBBER & CHAINS…OH MY!          Starring: Carmen

     Carmen is perched on a tall cylindrical stool, her arms and legs welded together by wide leather straps.   The big red ballgag stifles her moans as she cautiously wiggles in her bondage.   Jay walks in, slides her arms into a black singlesleeve, zips it close and tightly straps her into it.   Her big tits are pulled out of her delicate lingerie and red clamps are snapped onto each side of her hard nips.    One more wide strap is used to bind her legs to the stool and black clamps are forced between the red clamps to further torment her nipples!    Carmen is neck-chained to the ceiling, as we watch Jay wrap rubber strips around her wrists, elbows, chest, waist, and shapely legs -- the thin rubber stretching to its max as she gasps and grunts into her rubber panel gag.   The cruel rubber squeezes and distorts her boobs and pussy and there's nothing she can do about it -- or the big clamps that Jay hangs from her tits!   She now must deal with thin chain used like rope: elbow-bound and crotchroped, too. Jay wraps more thin chain around her arms and chest and then he adds some tit-crushing chains.    Oh, and her ballgag is held in place with thin chain and padlocked in place! Wearing a custom leather body harness, the hot blonde is bound and frog-tied with thin leather straps.   Her elbows are welded together and the huge 2.5" ballgag is strapped deep in her mouth.   The minutes stretch on as she struggles to relieve the pain of this severe bondage but all she gets is a nasty pair of tit clamps.   Neck-chained again and with handcuffs adorning her wrists and ankles, Carmen poses sexily as she explores the limits of the cold steel.   Jay adds handcuffs to her elbows and tightens thumbcuffs onto her wiggling thumbs.    He brings out three sizes of ballgags for her review and ends up stuffing the huge 2.5" ballgag between her waiting lips.   Then, out come the tits and on go the clamps!    She seems to enjoy the captivity, strutting around the room until Jay returns with the mounted dildo.   She is put on her knees, the huge gag is pulled out and she is soon sliding the thick white rod in and out of her luscious mouth.

69 minutes of an incredibly hot blonde in incredibly rough bondage…

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