ENJOYING JOLIE          Starring: Jolie

     Super busty Jolie is pushed into the room: her arms bound behind her and her mouth stuffed with a big black ballgag.  She prances and preens for Jay before he re-ties her elbows (all the way together) and tightly binds her huge boobs.  Tit clamps follow and she is tied into an elbow-strappado and left to drool onto the carpet.  The stunning girl waits on a tall stool where she is soon elbow-tied and tit-clamped.   Jay removes the big red clamps and ties up her tits until they are ready to burst. Her ballgag is popped out and they share a deep kiss before Jay spanks her huge tits -- over and over again.  She is then muffled with a chinstrap ballgag and those nasty clamps go back on to her abused tits.   Strung up to the ceiling, Jolie is ballgagged, crotchroped and tit-tied onscreen as she gasps in disbelief.  Jay takes his time with this intricate roping while enjoying her bound distress. The red flogger punishes her big tits, round ass and pretty pussy before she is left standing on one shapely leg.   Elbow-bound and tied to the ceiling, Jolie teeters on her high heels and moans into her huge white ballgag.   HUGE clamps are applied to her tits twice as she does her best to deal with the pain.  Yards of black med-wrap are stretched over her ballgag and she is tied into a classic strappado position.   She is rammed from behind before her wrists are jacked up even higher and she is left to suffer. Classically bound and wedge gagged, the sultry blonde writhes on the floor in a very sexy French Maid outfit.   Jay pulls her up onto her knees and readies the rubber cock for her -- the big shaft is soon gliding in and out of her eager mouth.   Jay returns to bind and clamp her fabulous tits as she continues sucking the dildo (with an occasional push).   Finally, Jay pulls her head back, straps the wedge gag back in and ropes her into a strict hogtie.   Yum!

85 minutes of huge tits, huge gags and super-tight bondage on a fabulous femaleā€¦

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