LONG DAY FOR NATALIE          Starring: Natalie

     Bound, gagged and leashed, gorgeous Natalie struggles against Jay's grip -- he grabs and gropes the poor girl then leashes her to the corner walls.   Her elbows are re-tied all the way together and then roped into her crotchrope.   Her perfect tits are pulled free and clamped before her ankles are roped wide apart.   Frog-tied and tit-tied, the lovely blonde writhes on the floor, her crotchrope riding up into her pretty pussy.   Sticky duct tape is slapped over her white ballgag and her elbows are re-tied together. Seated in the slave chair with her lovely legs spread, Natalie gets a big dose of tit play followed by intricate breast bondage.   Her elbows are re- tied together again and she is re-gagged with a custom harness ballgag.  Jay returns to further rope up his captive and leaves her to suffer.   Now bound and gagged in a gorgeous corset, Natalie is pulled into a strappado, roped neck to knees and then rammed from behind.   Her grunts are replaced with whines when her elbows are re-tied together again!  Elbow-bound and ballgagged, the beautiful blonde sits an a stool waiting for more abuse.   Tit play, clamp play and more rope is followed with another harness ballgag re-gagging and more clamp play.   Classically bound on the girlie-go-round, Natalie moans into a chinstrap ballgag that is soon covered with duct tape.   Blue clothespins are snapped onto her tits, her elbows are re-tied together and she is roped to the ceiling so she isn't going anywhere.  All six scenes feature elbows-together bondage.

75 minutes of beautiful blonde bondage...

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