CATALINA'S LESSON          Starring: Catalina

     Petite fitness model Catalina is carried into the room bound hand and foot with a big white ballgag strapped into her mouth.  Jay spends a lot of time toying with her fabulous body: grabbing her round ass, fondling her perky boobs and tossing her around like a doll.   Finally, he puts her on the floor, clamps her hard nipples, folds her into an incredibly tight balltie and leaves her drooling onto the carpet -- she is not happy about that. Still gagged with the white ballgag, Catalina is strictly bound on a stool with a new set of tit clamps dangling from her lovely chest.  Her tits are given lots of attention before she is re-gagged with a custom Bishop gag and further roped up.  Wearing gorgeous black and silver lingerie, she sits bound to the girlie-go-round and muffled with a bit ballgag.   Jay grabs and gropes the helpless girl before re-gagging her with a HUGE wad of cloth and sealing it in with white vet-wrap.   Now dressed in black and gold lingerie, the beautiful girl sits perched on her knees, bound to a small seat and gagged with a black chinstrap ballgag.  Jay roughly manhandles her and hangs heavy clamps from her nipples as she groans in disapproval. Her elbows are then re-tied until they are welded together -- she is not happy about that.  Catalina gets a sound spanking while tightly bound and ballgagged with a knotted crotchrope.  Tweezer clamps are tightened all the way down onto her nipples and she proceeds to drool uncontrollably onto her tied tits.  Her elbows are re-tied again until, yes, they are welded together again.   Jay returns to hang a heavy padlock from her tit chain and leaves her to suffer -- she is not happy about that.  Gracefully tied to the ceiling, she wiggles in relative comfort and mewls into her white chinstrap ballgag.  Catalina has now learned her place and Jay treats her in a more civilized manner, slowly caressing her as she moves to his touch.  White clothespins are snapped onto her brown nubs and her legs are roped to the ceiling. She waits for him to apply a huge piece of micro-foam tape over her ballgag and then happily struggles in her bondage.

78 minutes of bondage lessons on a stunning fitness model...

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