TIED TORMENT          Starring: Carmen

     Carmen, wearing a short tight dress, is pushed into the room with her elbows bound together and a big white ballgag strapped in her mouth.   Jay roughly gropes the poor girl and pulls out her big tits -- grabbing, squeezing, tweaking and teasing her hard nipples.  He yanks off her tiny panties and thoroughly binds her onscreen -- eventually roping her to the ceiling with her legs tied wide apart.   On the girlie-go-round, the stunning girl is tied in a stripper crouch with tight ropes circling her magnificent body and cutting through her pretty pussy.   Jay teases her bound flesh before crushing her nips with heavy clamps and re-tying her elbows completely together.  A heavy leather gag replaces the black bit ballgag and she is left in obvious discomfort.   Arms outstretched and seated in the slave chair, Carmen has a chance to enjoy her bondage before things get rough again.  Four heavy-duty clothespins are placed on either side of her nipples and Jay takes his time tormenting her tits before tightening up the ropes and leaving her to grind her hips into the chair.   He eventually returns and re-ties her arms with elbows welded together.  She shrieks and trembles when he finally removes the four clothespins (and we get a close-up of her indented tit flesh).  The clover clamps are even worse and she can barely take the torment when the clamps are strung up to the ceiling and spring-loaded.   Yummy!   Now dressed in gorgeous lingerie, Carmen sits prettily bound on a stool where she rubs her sore nipples.  Sticky black duct tape is slapped over her ballgag and her elbows are re-tied all the way together.   Chest ropes are cinched around her big tits but she still wants to play with her sore nipples!   Jay rips the ballgag out of her mouth (still taped!) and shoves in a big leather gag.  More tit play has her back in the mood until Jay pulls out a pair of heavy-duty clamps and she wants no part of that.   Too bad.   The tit clamps go on and she can barely handle it -- how lovely.

64 minutes of gorgeous torment on a lovely girl...

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