BIG TIT BONDAGE          Starring: Alicia Di Marco & Kim

     Superbly stacked Alicia is led into the living room wearing a purple corset, purple gloves and not much else.  Her huge tits jiggle as Jay plays with her beautiful bound body.   He ropes her between two posts where her nipples are clamped and her muscular legs are tied together.   Bound to a stool, Alicia moans into her big white ballgag as she struggles and shakes.   Jay ropes up her tits and hangs big clamps on her now-hard nipples.   She reluctantly agrees to be re-gagged (like she has a choice) and a black chin-strap ballgag is buckled into place as she gurgles in approval.  A standing spread-eagle shows off her curvy body perfectly but Alicia isn't happy -- she wants out.  Too bad.  A white flogger is used on her massive tits, round ass and pretty pussy -- then more clamps.   The bit-ballgag is removed and a leather Bishop gag is strapped into her waiting mouth.   The tit clamps dance and shake as she jiggles those big tits back and forth -- seems she likes that!   Frog-tied and gagged, Alicia is now strung up to the ceiling -- just the right spot for some onscreen tit binding.  Her huge globes are wrapped with rope and then tied into her crotchrope for maximum effect.  Moving into the bedroom, the gorgeous MILF is splayed out in all her glory -- her mouth gagged with leather and her pussy pinched by ropes.   She eagerly accepts the nipple clamps but doesn't know that she will soon have her pussy strung up to the ceiling -- with her tit clamps attached!   She rocks her body in an effort to ease the pain but that soon turns into pleasure and then she can't stop.  Ultra-submissive Kim is pushed into the room -- it's her first time ever tied and gagged.   She's nervous but that doesn't matter to Jay -- her elbows are already bound together and she's helpless to stop him.  Rope after rope is applied to her young body as she fidgets her body and moans into her red ballgag.  She is encased in rope and tied to the ceiling where she is left to ponder her predicament.   Bound to a chair, the sweet girl is now thinking she made a mistake in coming here.  Her elbows are tied together onscreen and she melts to Jay's touch -- seems all she needs is some hands-on reassurance.   She is then re-gagged with a black chinstrap ballgag and her lacy lingerie is pulled down to expose her perky tits before they are clamped.  She is further roped down to the chair until she has no hope of escape -- not that she now wants to.

70 minutes of tough bondage on two willing victims...

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