D-CUP DISCIPLINE 15          Starring: Layla Rivera, Crystal White and Brooke

     Hot Latina Layla, dressed in delicate pink and white lingerie, wiggles on the floor -- a huge white ballgag fills her mouth and a knotted crotchrope creases her naked pussy.  Jay pulls out her tits and roughly fondles them before clamping her hard nipples with nasty black clamps.  Perched on a small stool, she pouts and preens until Jay enters to tie her wrists down and re-tie her elbows completely together.   She is then re-gagged with a big black ballgag and the very nasty metal teethed clamps go onto her tits.  Yum!   Sexy Crystal White is back for more real bondage and this time she gets noosed to the rotating bondage -- forced to stand with her neck roped up and out.  Onscreen, she gets a crotchrope and integrated chest ropes before red clothespins are added to her nipples.  Jay returns to tie her long legs apart (wide apart) and adorns her pussy with red clothespins and adds two more to her tits!   Tied inside the frame again, Crystal grunts into her ballgag and shakes her big tits until Jay comes in to play with her bound body.   Her legs are tied further apart and rope is added to secure her within the frame.   Her elbows are re-tied until they almost touch (her tightest tie ever) and she is clearly unhappy with the pain.   Finally, clover clamps go on her tits and pussy as she rocks back and forth in helpless agony.   Wow!   Beautiful Brooke fidgets while stool-tied and ballgagged, her breathing becoming more erratic.  Jay adds chest ropes and ties that in with her arm bondage -- cinching everything up just a little more.   Her tits are pulled free of her lingerie and her magnificent nipples are clamped and weighted before she is roped to a post.  Her elbows bound together again, Brooke struggles in a yoga-tie and murmurs into her ballgag.   Jay takes his time with her here: slapping her tits and sucking on her nipples as she gasps in response.   Her awesome nipples get clamped again and she is left to wallow in her frustration, knowing that he will not let her out anytime soon.   Yay!

73 minutes of tough treatment and tender torment...

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