CAPTIVE FOR A DAY          Starring: Carmen

     Dressed in stunning red lingerie, gorgeous Carmen is tied to the staircase in the living room.   Jay walks down the stairs, tightens up her wrist ropes and her gag, clamps her nipples and ties her legs wide apart.  He's not done: he flogs her round ass and then ties her crotchrope to an opposing banister, forcing the ropes deep into her pussy.   Carmen is now turned with her back to the wall and Jay applies chest ropes as she drools past her red ballgag.   Nasty red clamps bite into tied tits and her crotch is pulled away again -- the ropes disappearing into her pretty pussy again.   She writhes on the floor in a classic bondage position with the red ballgag still wedged between her teeth.  Jay straddles her and re-ties her elbows all the way together as she groans in protest.   He returns to seal her mouth with red duct and finally leaves her in a fantastic hogtie.   Carmen's distress is very real and very sexy.   On her knees in frog-tie bondage, the busty blonde whimpers and wiggles until Jay steps in to slam her from behind before replacing the big leather wedge gag with a custom Bishop gag.   Her elbows are then re-tied all the way together as she mumbles into her gag.   She falls to the floor and does her best to alleviate the pain of the tight ropes.   Carmen is now bound by the front door, sitting on a large black cylinder with her legs spread and her mouth stuffed with a huge black ballgag.   Jay plays with her big tits, clamps her nipples and removes her gag only to put it back (much to her dismay).   He also removes the clamps and puts them right back on again -- she's not happy about that but she's especially unhappy when her elbows are jammed together and tightly re-tied again.   She groans for mercy but Jay steps out the front door, leaving her to drool on her tits and deal with the pain of a full day in bondage -- that isn't over yet.

61 minutes of harsh bondage on a busty beauty...

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