PRECIOUS METTLE          Starring: Goldie

     It's all about attitude and gorgeous Goldie proves that she can handle ultra-tight ropes, big gags and heavy clamps.   Partially bound, Goldie is pushed into the living room where she is manhandled and controlled.   The treatment is rough but she's actually enjoying it so Jay decides to step it up a notch.   He tugs her big tits out of her red dress, clamps her nipples and leaves her to struggle on the sofa.   She is now seated, bound to a bar stool and gagged with a black ballgag.   Jay enters to bind her elbows completely together onscreen and re-gags her with a heavy leather plug gag.   He's not finished yet: Goldie's huge tits are tied and strangled before being clamped -- all onscreen.   A lotus tie allows for another onscreen elbow roping (completely together, of course) and another breast bondage session is topped off with tit clamps.   Finally, a blindfold is strapped around her head and she drifts off into sub- space amid her panting.   Goldie is now stretched to the ceiling, her high heels digging into the carpet as she twists and turns.   A double clothespins treatment of her nipples is followed by tight chest ropes tied into her crotch rope and then strung up to the ceiling.   Her legs are then forced even further apart and she is re-clamped -- with the new clamps wrapped around the ceiling rope.   Every movement she makes either tugs on her tits or forces the rope into her pussy or both.   Sitting prettily in a cross-legged position, Goldie endures some lovely tit torture as Jay yanks and pulls on the heavy clamps crushing her nipples.   Her massive boobs are squeezed and kneaded as she tries to catch her breath but he doesn't stop.   She is re-gagged and her tits are tied up once again -- with the heavy clamps still in place.   Finally, a padlock is snapped onto the clamps -- she protests but it's too late now.   A one-legged standing position has her hopping awkwardly to keep her balance.   Jay grabs at her ass and tits before attaching clover clamps to those gorgeous tits.   The clover clamps are eventually replaced with black clothespins and sticky red duct tape is slapped over her ballgag and firmly pressed into place.   Yum!

74 minutes of a beautiful woman's courage rewarded with rope...

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