PAYING THE PRICE          Starring: Zoe

     Gorgeous Zoe is pushed into the living room with her arms bound behind her back.   Jay seems unhappy with the beautiful redhead and that can mean only one thing: hours of strict bondage for the poor girl.   Her clothes are roughly pulled away as ropes are wound around her body and a ballgag is jammed into her mouth.   She ends up being strung up to the ceiling and forced to stand in her 5" heels.   Heavy clamps dangle from her hard nipples and drool flows onto her big tits.   A stool tie becomes an elbows-together bind (onscreen) featuring tit clamps and a heavy leather gag strapped to her face.  Bound hand and foot (elbows together again), Zoe struggles in frustration -- nothing is coming loose.   She pants and moans as she rolls about the floor before Jay folds her into a strict hogtie onscreen.   She can now barely move and her growing frustration is evident.  Zoe is then roughly manhandled as Jay leads her around by her hair, flings her over his shoulder, grabs at her tits and ass, then straps a white ballgag between her teeth.  Another onscreen elbows-together tie has her yelping as the ropes are cinched and knotted.  She is bent over into a severe strappado and her firm round ass is whipped until her ass cheeks are glowing pink.   The heavy clover clamps dangle and dance as Jay bangs the helpless beauty from behind.   Kneeling on the girlie-go-round, Zoe is unable to stop Jay from whipping her again.   The stinger whip snaps and bites at her tits as drool gurgles out past the red ballgag filling her mouth.   Nipple nooses are tightened around her big brown nubs and her crotchrope is strung up to the ceiling.   Now spread and vulnerable, Zoe seems to have come around a bit -- she welcomes the clothespins on her nipples but can barely handle the giant ball of cloth being stuffed into her mouth.   Amid her protests, Jay forces the huge wad all the way in and tightly med-wraps it in place.   She is stretched and stressed but her mood changes when the vibrator is slipped under her crotchrope.

67 minutes of a stunning woman bound, gagged and used...

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