BONDAGE VIRGINS         Starring: Carmen and Serena

   Neither one of these gorgeous girls had ever been tied up before and we get to see their transformation from willing victim to excited vixen.   A bound and gagged Carmen is pushed into the room and roughly manhandled -- she had no idea Jay would be this rough but he is just getting started with this beautiful babe.   More ropes are added to her sexy body and she is eventually left alone, tethered to the ceiling with no chance of escape.   Soon, she will have her elbows roped completely together and her big tits will be clamped for the first time ever.   She reacts strongly to this rough treatment and we can already see a positive change in her behavior -- especially when she is re-gagged with a huge white ballgag and left to deal with her pain/pleasure paradox.   Finally, she sits bound on a stool where she will be gagged onscreen with that huge ballgag again -- panting and squirming to no end.   Her elbows will be bound together onscreen and big nasty clamps find a home on her big brown nipples.   She drools onto her tits and writhes around as she seeks some sort of relief -- any relief.   This is the first day of many days that will find Carmen bound and gagged in this house.

Serena is a beautiful young Latina with a great set of tits and a nice pair of shapely legs.   Partially tied, she is brought into the room and roughly groped by Jay -- watch closely and you'll see her smiling as his hands grab at her dress and roam over her warm flesh.   Onscreen, more rope is added to her ripe body -- making her more helpless and more submissive.   When she is finally gagged with a red ballgag, another smile brightens her face and she gulps the hard rubber down into her throat.   Clad in lovely red and black lingerie and wearing the same red ballgag, she sits on a stool and endures more onscreen roping including an elbows together tie.   Her tits are pulled out her bra so they may be slapped and tweaked.   A Bishop gag appears and is wedged into her mouth as she squirms in her seat.   This last session includes another onscreen elbow roping and lots of 'hands-on' treatment from her captor.   Her smile is now gone but Serena wants to make Jay happy and endures an ultra-tight tit binding that has her huffing and puffing with excitement.

68 minutes of two first-timers learning -- and loving -- the ropes...

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