D-CUP DISCIPLINE 12         Starring: Lisa, Alicia DiMarco and Sydney Sloane

   Three busty beauties are strictly tied and gagged in this action packed production.   Lovely Lisa -- in her first ever bondage experience -- is pushed in front of the camera where she is roughly manhandled and partially stripped.   Jay ropes her to the ceiling and leaves her standing on only one leg -- this is not quite what she thought bondage was going to be.   The pretty Asian now sits bound atop a stool with her wrists strung up to the ceiling and ropes criss-crossing her body.   Jay enters to tease and clamp the helpless girl and returns later to add a weight to her clamps and re-gag her with a cloth wad and sticky tape.   An onscreen elbows together tie is done while she squawks through her blue ballgag in protest.   Jay then adds three clothespins to each of her big brown nipples and she squawks even louder!   Super busty Alicia wiggles atop a short stool -- soon a black ballgag will be shoved into her mouth and strapped in place as she willingly submits.   Jay grabs and twists her huge tits -- she doesn't seem to mind being treated like a piece of luscious meat until the white clothespins are snapped onto her pink nipples.   A metal post is put into place and her ballgag is locked to it, keeping her firmly fixed in place.   Legs spread across the bed, Alicia twists and turns in a futile attempt to get free -- how cute.   Jay enters to clamp her tits again and then ropes her down into a traditional spread-eagle position with her crotchrope yanked up to the ceiling.   Gorgeous Sydney loves bondage and eagerly awaits her torment.   Carried into the room, she pants and pleads as Jay manhandles his fleshy prize.   He ropes her to a post and pulls one leg out from under her as she strains against her bonds.   A standing spread-eagle allows a full viewing of her beautiful body -- from her ballgagged mouth down to her high-heeled feet.   Soon, she will be breast-bound with clamps on her tits and pussy.   Yum!

73 minutes of beautiful tits in beautiful bondage...

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