Starring: Tory, Bambi, Rita, Samantha, Miranda, Sally, Marie, Randi, Kelly, Cassie and Alexis

Tory Sinclair, nude (and barefoot) and tied into a secure balltie, moans around her red ballgag as Jay fondles her body and spins her on the girlie-go-round.   She knows that she will be left there for a long time.   Bambi Newberry is belly-down on a bondage horse with both of her bare feet suspended to a post behind her.   She drools around her ballgag and her arms are pinned back in a single-sleeve.   Jay sensually massages one of her soles, then locks her ballgag to the end of the horse, forcing her to rest her chin in her own drool.   Rita is bound tightly over the banister, wearing only red patent boots and gauntlets, a black ballgag filling her mouth.   Jay hangs clamps from her nipples then suspends her ankles up behind her.  She moans and groans as all of her weight is balanced on her belly and hips.   Samantha plays the damsel-in-distress.   Her bondage is a straight-forward and effective chair-tie -- when Jay enters and removes her ballgag, stuffs white cloth into her mouth and seals that in with lots of sticky red tape.   Miranda kneels with her wrists crossed over her head.   She mouths a white ballgag and ropes harness her voluptuous body.   Jay squeezes her ample tits, applies pincher clamps to her big brown nipples, and gives her a few spins.   Sally Layd, playing the reluctant seductress in red lingerie and heels, protests through her ballgag as Jay grabs at her tightly tied tits, whips her huge hooters and finally clamps her pink nipples.   Her sexual interest is now evident and Jay teases her relentlessly.   Marie shakes her head and moans while Jay fondles her post-tied body.   She moans and chomps at her bit-ballgag while her tits, belly and hips are passionately flogged.   Her struggles are rewarded with tight clamps on her nipples -- she loves it.   Randi Rage, harnessed in leather, is strappado-bound with an elbows-together single-sleeve while a harness ballgag secures her face and mouth.   Her ankles are spread wide to a bar and Jay has great fun man-handling her toned body and full tits.   She protests, she whimpers, she begs, she submits...she's in Heaven.   Kelly O'Dell squirms on the floor with crossed ankles and wrists, wearing black hose and heels with a black bell-ballgag stuffed in her mouth.   Jay enters to clothespin her pink nipples and hoist her crotchrope towards the ceiling.   Cassie, bound at elbows, wrists, knees and ankles, rolls around freely until Jay enters and completes her bondage with a strict hogtie.   A large black ballgag stifles her complaints and makes her even more beautiful to behold.   Alexis Taylor experiences secure chest roping and a chin-strapped black ballgag as she kneels on the small girlie-go-round.   Jay grabs and squeezes her massive boobs, applies nipple clamps and finally pulls her bound arms up into a strappado tie.

83 minutes featuring 11 stunning slaves in tight, inescapable bondage...

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