CONTROL ME        
Starring: Tory Sinclair, Sara, Bambi Newberry, Randi Rage, Jessica

Passionate Tory is up first, a black vinyl dress hugs her womanly curves, her elbows are bound together and a collar encircles her neck.   Jay caresses her body then opens her dress to grab at her tits.   A black ballgag is pushed into her mouth and she's tightly roped up with a combination chest/crotchrope harness.   Next, her dress has been fully opened and she straddles a thick beam as Jay adds clamps to her pink nipples, which he ties up to the frame.  Feisty blonde Sara is completely nude as she fights against her restraint.   She spends time chained in the shower: a black leather sleeve encases her arms and Jay stuffs a huge cloth into her mouth and seals in it with med-wrap.   Now sitting in a big spa tub, Sara's semi-balled body is webbed in rope.   Jay wraps med-wrap over her red ballgag then places her onto her side before turning the water on. Obedient Bambi is next -- clad in vinyl waist cincher, gloves and heels -- with a big leather ballgag covering her mouth.  She's in an asymmetrical tie, one knee pulled up to her chest and her arms bound behind her.  Jay enters to run a rope from her elbows to her free ankle, making her arch backwards.   Next, she's wrapped incredibly tight in rubber strips with big clover clamps hanging from her tits.   This position is then replicated with super-tight chains which cause her to visibly shake with passion.   Dark-haired beauty Randi alternates between muffled objections and pants of desire.   Starting off nude and kneeling, her ankles bound and wrists overhead, the big black ballgag causes her to drool as Jay pinches and clamps her helpless nipples.   Nude with heels, she is then classically tied, her perfect body on full display as she wiggles against the stair railing.  Drool flows, moans escalate, but she isn't going anywhere.   Lastly, Randi's naked on her back, ankles suspended and tied apart -- totally exposed for Jay and a hot wax session.   She smiles as Jay lights the candles, then groans as the wax drips onto her exposed tits, belly, crotch and thighs. Very erotic.   Buxom blonde Jessica seems a bit miffed that Jay has left her tied to the chair as she tugs and struggles against the ropes, a fat white ballgag filling her mouth.   Jay enters to manhandle her generous tits and clamp her puffy nipples, all the while turning the chair for better access.   Now nude and rope-harnessed from head to toe, she drools past her red ballgag as Jay strokes her firm flesh and plays with her noosed nipples.  Three strips of white tape are slapped over the ballgag and she is then roped into a potent hogtie.

85 minutes of five hot girls giving their all -- frustrated and exhausted...

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