Tami Monroe, Brooke, Randi Rage, Eve Ellis, Samantha

Tami is spread-eagled on the bed, a black hair clip clamping her sweet pussy closed.   Her huge breasts eagerly await her master's hands.   When he appears he stuffs her open mouth with cloth and seals it with sticky tape.  A whip applied to the helpless girl makes her writhe and moan in intense pleasure.   Removing the clip, Jay erotically whips her swollen pussy lips.   Tami is then on her knees, tit bound and secured to a rod hanging from the ceiling. Her crotchrope bites into her pussy lips and she moans lustily through the leather gag.   After tightening her even more securely, Jay whips her with a flogger.   Luscious Brooke is next in rope harness, crotchrope and harness ballgag.   Jay squeezes her big tits -- her nipples harden and she moans in pleasure -- then he adds clover clips to her stiff nips.  Heavy locks are hung from the tit chain and she moans as her succulent nipples are stretched.  She is then seated cross-legged with arms tied behind her back while a muzzle gag keeps her quiet.   Her perfect tits are tightly bound and Jay lovingly applies a stinger whip to make them turn bright red.   Randi is shapely and sultry -- her big boobs fill her chest as she wiggles bound to a bar stool.  Her crotchrope bites and her elbows are tied so tight they are touching.  She loves his hands roaming her bound body -- ecstasy is hers as he roughly fondles her tits.   He sensually plays with her causing her great pleasure.  Tit clamps cause her breathing to increase. Her drool drips onto her breasts.   A naked spread-eagle has crotchropes pushing her pussy lips together while her tits are roped tight and a white ballgag stifles her moans.   Jay rubs his hands over her exposed body and whips her wanton flesh -- she is definitely excited.  Tied sitting on her legs, Eve submits as Jay adds more rope to her helpless body -- she moans as it bites into her flesh, followed with large clamps for her hard nipples.   In her second scene, her elbows are again roped together behind her back but her wrists have been tied in front of her.  Jay feels her up and she loves his touch.   His whip makes her moan passionately.  When he changes gags she pants in anticipation.  This girl loves the bondage and the attention.   Samantha, a stunning blonde, crouches on her tiptoes and a bit gag cleaves her red lips.   Clothespins to her nipples and Jay's hands cause her breathing to quicken as she rotates on the girlie-go-round.   When he removes her gags she gulps for more air as he packs her mouth with cloth and binds it with med-wrap.   She is then on the floor totally tied even to her toes.   She struggles to get loose but how can she?   Jay soon enters to add duct tape over her red ballgag and intensifies her bondage by roping her into a great toe-tie hogtie.   This video is very erotic and the women are really into the bondage, even though it is tough and demanding.

85 minutes of Jay taking very good care of five hot women...

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