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GRM 81 "The Bondage Nightmare of Linda Jones"

75 Minutes (1 hour 15 mins)

Starring: Ginger

When innocent Linda Jones responds to a newspaper ad for some innocent modeling in her college cheerleading uniform, it sounds like easy money. Linda shows up at the studio but after a few pretty pictures, the photog-lady turns mean and demanding and tells her that she is going to be tied up. Sweet Miss Jones protests that it isn’t the job she applied for but this lady wont take no for an answer. Once Linda is trussed and controlled, she learns her real destiny. To be sold to customers who like Cheerleaders in tennis shoes and cute socks!! Jones is put through a variety CLASSIC BONDAGE POSITIONS as she awaits her new owner. With forced stripping and progressive nudity, this video ends in the classic nude hogtie with blind fold . Linda is so cute has her head bobs around, unable to see and trying to figure out what will happen next.

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ID #: GRM-81
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