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LXP-16 “The Burglar”

82 Minutes

Starring: Brandy Hall (aka Julie Simone) and Jessica Lee with Lex Paris

After a long day of work, Julie just wants to come home and relax with a good book. She has no idea while she undresses and slips into bed that’s I masked man has already slipped in through the back door. Julie falls asleep unaware that he is already searching through her things. Julie is soon awaked as he pounces on her and wrangles her into some rope, tightly gagging her so that she cannot scream for help. She is later dragged into the living room and brutally tied to a chair. The intruder funds some clothes pins and attaches them to her nipples before pulling a stocking over her gagged face and taping a vibrator to her pussy while he continues riffling through her things. Julie is man handle and pushed into the kitchen where she looks on helpless as she empties the contents of her purse in front of her very eyes and helps himself to her credit cards, money and anything else he wants. Julie is stripped and hogtied on the counter. Her gag is removed so that the intruder can take advantage of her wet mouth. He then ties her in the most helpless position yet, she is bent over a stool with her round ass and tight pussy exposed in the air. The intruder has all the material things that he wants but now it’s getting personal. He unzips his pants and plans to show Julie how it feels to really be violated. When he is finished he leaves her gagged and struggling for her room mate to find.

Second round of Home Invasions stars sexy Pittsburgh girl Jessica Lee. Jessica spends way too much money and when she fails to pay her rent, the landlord decides to collect her debt Lex Paris style. Sexy groping, clothes cutting, flogging and lots of MASSIVE GAGGING!!


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