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GRM-57 “Powerful Women Beg to be Bound and Massively Gagged”

2 hour (120 Minutes)

Starring: Gina Rae Michaels, Tomiko, Kobe Lee, Samantha Grace, and Crystal Frost.

Five scenes where powerful corporate ladies beg and plead to be tied up tightly and massively gagged. Hear the gals describe exactly how they want to be tied and gagged in their own sexy words.

Powerful corporate boss lady Gina Rae calls up a dom service and wants to book a session. She explains that she wants to be tied up tight with a lot of rope, REALLY gagged, and left totally helpless before her next meeting.

Corporate attorney Kobe Lee calls friend of a friend Gina Rae to hire her to tightly truss and massively gag her during her down time.

CEO Samantha Grace needs some stress relief and calls a dominatrix service to get some much needed bondage. She wants to scream into her gag and roll around until she feels better.

Boss Lady Tomiko is tired of being ripped off by dominatrix services and calls Gina’s service to inquire about a session. She is very rude and bitchy as she complains to Gina and threatens that she will not pay a penny until after the session, and only if Gina can do it right. As the two talk, Tomiko confesses that she has always had the fantasy of being gagged with another woman’s panties. I wont tell you what happens but, I can say she gets double teamed by Gina AND crystal.

Sexy Secretary Gina Rae wants to be bound and role play some forced fantasy. She calls a local dom and explains that she wants to be tightly bound gagged with her own panties and played with in a forceful manor. She explains that she doesn’t want the usual wimpy bondage, or to be left alone while tied. She wants her hair pulled, to be groped, and to be forcefully kissed.

In all 5 scenes, the ladies talk with their dominate about what materials to use for tying and gagging, so that you can hear their views about bondage. These intelligent ladies are the REAL DEAL and love bondage….tight bondage and good gags and they have no problem discussing it in detail. They tell you why they like it so much and how they like it done to them.

********Each scene has a unique surprise ending that I do not want to spoil!!

With an all star bondage loving line up and very unique theme, you will certainly want to have this in your dvd library!!


ID #: GRM-57
Price: $24.50 Per Video
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