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GRM-58 “Panty Gagged! 3”

1 hours 44 Minutes (104 Minutes)

Starring: Gina Rae Michaels, Kobe Lee, Lola Lynn, Candle, and JJ Plush

Running time 1 hour 44 minutes (104 MINUTES) ******With 16 BONUS minutes of candid GRM and Dominic Wolfe footage!!!! MAKING THE ACTUAL TOTAL TIME 2 FULL HOURS!!)

JJ Plush get’s surprised while dressing in elegant evening wear and panty gagged by intruder Gina Rae.

When interior designer Kobe botches Gina Rae’s redecorating project. Kobe offers to use duct tape to bring some color out in Gina’s great room, but Gina tackles Kobe and uses the tape to truss her up tightly. Gina removes her well warn panties and packs them mercilessly in Kobe’s mouth using duct tape around the head. Kobe is left to contimplate her business ethics.

When deceptive real estate agent and Banker Candle box gets busted passing off a bad loan that in turn causes Gina Rae and Dominic Wolfe to lose their home to foreclosure, the pair unleash a wrath of fury on the guilty paper pusher. Torn bed sheets with on camera tying , clothes ripping and cutting leave the dishonest Candle totally exposed and completely helpless. Candle is gagged with her own panties.

When Gina Rae decides to rob Lola Lynn, she is surprised by Lola’s early return while rifling through her belongings in the master bedroom. Gina grabs the first thing she sees, Lola’s vibrator and hides as Lola enters. Gina uses Lola’s vibrator to subdue her, pressing it into her back as though it were a weapon. Mortified, Lola cooperates and Gina trusses her up. Lola’s panties are cut off and she is tightly panty gagged. Gina rifles through Lola’s purses, taking her hard earned cash before producing the vibrator and laughing at Lola for falling for such a hideous prank. Gina leaves Lola squirming and bitching trying to find a way out of her own home. Lola travels from room to room unable to escape!!

Seated bound up with massive amounts of rope in her bathroom, Gina fusses and yells out the intruder who has rendered her in such a helpless state. He enters the room explaining to her that he has taken everything she owns and is about ready to drive off with it all. She begs to be set free but her pleas are ignored. Her panties are cut off and again she tries to reason with the thief. Finally out of desperation, tired of being taunted , she asks him if she cooperates and makes it easy for him to gag her, Will he just go and leave her alone? The intruder agrees and Gina exclaims that she would rather have her own dirty panties packed in her mouth than to have to deal with a piece of like him for another minute. She throws her mouth open wide and soon the panties are packed and wrapped tightly in her mouth. The intruder leaves with her stereo in hand and Gina is left regretting her decision to cooperate, as the massive pair of panties are really much to large to be used as a gag!! Gina struggles with great difficulty through the house and the totally trashed contents to try to find something to cut off the massive amount of rope. Will Gina get free? You will just have to buy this thriller to find out. GREAT BONUS CANDID FOOTAGE AT THE END OF GINA REMOVING HER GAG, BEING UNTIED, TALKING ABOUT HOW MUCH FUN THEN SCENE WAS, AND FINALLY, GINA AND DOMINIC COUNT THE MASSIVE PIECES OF ROPE FOR THE CAMERA.



ID #: GRM-58
Price: $24.50 Per Video
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