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LXP-8 “Hard Bound 3”

1 hour and 20 Minutes

Starring: AShay Sights, Jessica Lee, and Michelle

Three hot ladies tied up TIGHT and gagged hard!!

Shay Sights chooses to work with an unknown photographer out of desperation and soon finds herself in an inescapable situation. Her shoot takes a turn for the worse when he tells her that it is a bondage shoot and if she wants paid, she will have to comply. Reluctantly Shay agrees but soon realizes that this guy is brutal. She is gagged and gagged again, tied and retied, humiliated and even shared with his sick friend. This will be Shay’s last shoot and she will be kept bound and for the pleasure of her disturbed captors.

Jessica Lee finds herself in trouble for being defiant when her boyfriend wants her to stay home. He accuses the hottie of going out to clubs merely to take advantage of men and get them to buy her drinks. Refusing to stay home and spend time with him, Jessica ends up bound, gagged, dominated and even paddled. Great action filled scene!!

Bitchy Boss Michelle is ruthless. She has been really talking down to her employees and making them feel like dirt. Today one of them has decided to get revenge on the bitchy executive and teach her a lesson. Shown progressively tightly bound with a variety of gags, Michelle is helpless and now feels the pain of those she has bossed around. Unusual surprise ending that you won’t want to miss!!!

This video includes high heels, tight ropes, many gags, onscreen tying, nipple clamps, flogging, spanking, clothes pins, onscreen gagging, gag talk, humiliation and many more of the great things you have grown to appreciate in Lex Paris Classic Bondage.


ID #: LXP-08
Price: $19.50 Per Video
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