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GRM 56 "Duped!"

2 hours 14 Minutes (137 Minutes)

5 great scenes of Girls Tricked into bondage!!

Real Estate Agents Lola and Gina are talking about the economy and how heard they are both working to keep up with their bills. Gina mentions to Lola that she has heard there is a "bondage and gagging" contest that pays big prize money. Lola is curious about it and Gina tells her that she really doesn't have that many details but being a girl scout in high school, she is sure that she could tie Lola up and if they practiced putting all sorts of things in Lola's mouth, they would have a good chance at winning some cash. Lola agrees and the pair make plans to meet in the storage room after hours to practice for the event. Gina ties Lola up extra tight with lots of rope and Lola is pretty confident that she can take any gag gina throws at her. Gina begins with a huge yellow ball packed in Lola's mouth and held in with a super tight white piece of cloth. Lola does fine with that, so Gina removes it and tries a pair of panties. Lola is a little worried as to why her friend would have panties at work but agrees to let Gina pack them in her mouth. She uses the same white cleave to tightly tie around. Lola tries it out and seems ok, even though the panties are really big. Gina takes off the cloth and Lola pushes the panties out of her mouth with her tongue. Gina tells Lola that they better try some harder stuff to make sure Lola isnt clostrophobic just in case they want Lola's face covered. Gina Gags Lola again with the panties, uses the cleave to hold them in but this time Gina uses a stocking to hold them in. Lola seems to be ok with that as she talks to Gina through her gag. Gina pulls the stocking off and tapes her own well worn panties over Lola head before confessing that this was all a scam to get Lola tied up and leave her so that Gina could muscle in on her properties. Lola topples off her chair and is furious left helpless for the weekend.

After inheriting a huge sum of money, Gina Rae inquires to her insurance man about taking out a k-napping policy on her sister. She finds that she can get a million dollar policy in the event that her sister Jackie would ever be and held for ransom. The policy has a double indemity clause that would pay 2 million if Jackie were to be gagged while held for ransom. Gina also purchases a 50,000 dollar rider that pays in the event that Jackie were to be trussed up and held captive for more than 48 hours. The insurance man explains to Gina that once the papers are faxed, the policy will take effect at midnight that very day. Sister Jackie enters scrambling to put on her shoes and leave for work and Gina explains that she has purchased a policy for each of them to ensure the preservation of their recent inheritance. Jackie hastily signs the paper and tells her sister that she will be going out friends until after midnight. Gina immediately faxes the papers and set a plan to motion. It seems that Gina has spent all of her inheritance already and plans to use poor naive jackie to replenish her cash flow. She offers to split the money with a local goon if he will be waiting for Jackie when she returns and keep her hostage for 48 hours. She explains exactly what he is to do and then leaves on an out of town weekend get away. Just as planned, the goon is waiting when Jackie comes home and he jumps her. Jackie screams for help but her cries are muffled with a hang gagged as she is dragged off. Jackie is trussed up tight and a large wad of red packing is crammed in her mouth. Clear tape is used to hold it in and she bitches through her gag and insults her captor. He gets tired of hearing her garbled rants and leaves her alone to raid the fridge. Armed with a beer and sandwich, he sits on the sofa while she bitches profusely through her gag. Jackie continues to bitch through her gag as the goon eats his sandwich. Finally way too annoyed by Jackie's insults, he tells her that since they have a couple of days together, they might as well get to know each other and have some fun. He grasps Jackie's breasts and pulls her to the floor. He begins to grope and kiss her as she continues to fight him. He makes lewd remarks about sexual acts he would like to do to her bound and helpless body. Soon he is on top of Jackie and slides down her pantyhose. Jackie is helpless against the full weight of the man and can do nothing to stop him as he has sex (simulated) with her. Jackie growls and protests as the man has his way with her. When he is finished, he pulls up her pantyhose and returns to the couch to finish his sandwich. Jackie wriggles and insults him through her gag. She tries to kick the man but topples over and he uses her as a foot rest, making her angrier and more frustrated. Eventually after the man is gone, Gina Rae returns acting innocent like she has no idea what is going on. Finally when she is able to understand Jackie's muffled pleas, she removes Jackie’s gag and Jackie tells her about the horrible ordeal and all of the awful things that were done to her against her will. She begs to be untied by Gina quickly grabs the camera, taking pictures for the insurance company. She tells Jackie that she shouldn’t really do anything else and absolutely cannot untie her until the police arrive. Gina leaves her sister still helpless and defeated as she goes to phone police

Gina Rae agreed to what seemed like an easy glamour shoot. She would receive pretty pictures, several thousand dollars, and a custom fitted latex cat suit in exchange for some sexy poses and a little glamour video scene. Gina soon finds her self all tied up with hundreds of feet of white rope and is very upset, as she was not told she would be tied up for the project. She argues and complains but the photographer tells her that she should have read the fine print on her contract and bondage WAS part of the plan along with heavy groping, and spanking. Gina wants to stop the shoot and says the deal is off but the photographer refuses to release her and soon packs a huge wad of packing in her mouth to completely muffle her protests. He gropes her big sexy boobs as they spill out of the sexy latex and he forces her down on the bed groping, squeezing and smacking her round tight ass. One last rope cinches her into a totally helpless hogtie with ballet boots pointing toward the ceiling. Gina can barely move and must finish this assignment like it or not.

Samantha Grace and I are room mates and money is tight. A notice comes in the mail from the landlord that he is raising our rent by a WHOPPING $200. Samantha is freaking out because I still haven't paid my half of last months rent. I can't believe I have to pay this bill every month. I tells Samantha that I have been thinking of a way to come out ahead and I explain that our only chance of getting caught up is to STAGE a robbery and file an insurance claim. Samantha isn't down for it, but I explain that if we are lucky, we can even sue the home owner's association for damages and suffering because they have cut hours at the security office and there is no longer a guard on duty around the clock like was state in our HOA rule book. Samantha remains skeptical until I explain that the cable guy is scheduled to arrive soon and he would make the perfect witness. If he were to find us tightly trussed up and massively gagged, he would call 911 and we would have hardly any explaining to do. Suddenly, she sees that my plan is full proof and agrees. I gather rope and tie Samantha's upper body, thighs, knees and ankles. I explain that I need to gag her to make it look real. Samantha is ok with the sock that I am going to put in her mouth, but when I pull out a sticky roll of duct tape, she argues, telling me that it will pull out her beautiful hair. "NONSENSE!!" I tell her! , "I've seen it done a bunch of times in cartoons!" Finally she agrees and I firmly pack the sock in her mouth and wind duct tape clear around her head. I settle down on the floor and begin to bind myself starting with my thighs, then moving to my knees. After tightly tying my thighs and knees, I move down to my ankles, binding them together tightly with rope as Samantha watches, and nods her gagged head. I reach over and she is horrified as I rip her nylons. She protests through her gag but I reassure her that we have to look as though we have been through a horrible ordeal. I take a large sock and pack it tightly in my mouth, careful to get it all in and then use a roll of sticky clear tape and begin to wrap many times clear around my head. I grab more rope and begin to tie my upper body pinning my arms to my sides. Soon we are completely helpless and massively gagged. We test the ropes and they are totally secure. We hear the door bell and just as planned the cable guy arrives, so we begin screaming for help through our gags and thrashing around. He comes in and finds us trussed up with the contents of my purse thrown all over the floor. It looks like our plan has worked...............or has it??

Gina Rae receives a box from her boyfriend who is out of town on business and bored in his hotel room. He has asked her to play a little self bondage game while he watches her on the webcam. Gina opens the box and finds lost of locking bondage gear. After inspecting the items, strips off her clothes and puts a large red ball gag in her mouth and locks it in place. She tape the key to the lock to the palm of her hand and pulls on a black leather glove. She then locks a leather cuff to her wrist and tapes the key to the wrist cuff on the sole of her foot. Gina pulls on a pair of fish net stocking. Next she inserts a vibrator and uses some rope to hold it in tightly. After inserting her toy and tying it in with a tight crotch rope, she puts on a leather dress. Gina Rae locks on a collar and tapes the key to her other sole. She puts on a leather glove and locking wrist cuff and tapes the key to her leg before slipping on boots. She locks leather straps on her ankles and thighs before taking the very last key and threading it on the chain of her nipple clamps. She puts them on tucking the key into her dress and secures the last lock, Her wrist are now locked behind her back and she is helpless. she struggles a bit, enjoying her bondage for her boyfriend who is watching via webcam, then slips to the floor and rolls to the computer waiting for him to give her the location of the key that will allow her to release herself and end the game. Gina Rae stares at the email intently. Her boyfriend has wrote to tell her the location of the final key so that she may free herself. He instructs her to struggle over to the wet bar and open the top drawer. Gina drools as she reads his instructions and begins her journey. Once she reaches her destination, she finds an envelope. After opening it with bound hands, she stares at the text with disbelief. The letter says that there is NO final key and that she will have to wait for her boyfriend to return from his business trip before she can be free. Gina suddenly feels the strong vibrations of the toy that she inserted and she tumbles to the floor. She struggles but can no longer keep from getting off.


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