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GRM 49 “Home Invasions 2”

1 Hour 12 minutes (72 Minutes)

Starring: Gina Rae Michaels, Kobe Lee, Samantha Grace, Candle, and Jackie Ohh

Five Great action packed home invasions with all gagging done on screen.

First we have Jackie Ohh robbed in her hotel room by Gina Rae. Gagged with a pair of panties wrapped in tight, she is left to struggle in her vintage lingerie while Gina searches for valuables. **For those of you not familiar with Jackie, she is the REAL LIFE SISTER of Gina Rae and can only be seen right here!!**

Gina Rae surprises a masked intruder (steve villa) and is nabbed, carried over the shoulder, tied on screen, mouth packed solid with cloth. An OTM gag is applied tightly before she is totally trussed and Gina is left to squirm and wriggle. The camera gets great up skirts of her vintage panties and garters. In the end, you get to see Gina push the massive wad of packing out of her mouth and scream for help.

Candle box comes home to surprise intruder Gina Rae and ends out mouth packed, taped, upper body bound with boobies exposed and tightly crotch roped trying her best to manipulate bound hands with elbows tied to get out of her own home.

After robbing a bank, Gina Rae sneaks into what she thinks is an abandoned forclosure, but realtor Kobe Lee happens to be going door to door to drum up business. Poor innocent Kobe ends up aiding Gina in her escape. Forced to strip, Kobe is trussed up tightly, gagged with her own panties and left to fume blindfolded as Gina puts on her business suit and makes her escape.

In the final scene, Gina and Samantha Grace have made plans to see a movie, but while waiting for Sam to arrive, a robber (dominic wolfe) surprises Gina and trusses her up tight. Unknowing, Samantha comes by and walks right into “Home Invasion hell”. While Gina is bound and gagged in one room, Samantha is bound in the bedroom. Gina hops in and tries to stop the intruder by slamming him with her bound body. It is futile and Samantha is gagged right in front of her helpless friend. Gina and Samantha dressed only in sweaters and pantyhose are left hopping and gag talking as they make their way through the house looking for a sharp object to cut themselves free.

This classic Damsel in distress video is a MUST HAVE for your collection!!!


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