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GRM- 50 “Futile Escape Endeavors!!”

1 hour 28 Minutes (88 Minutes)

Starring: Gina Rae Michaels, Kobe Lee, JJ Plush, and Lola Lynn with Dominic Wolfe

Six sexy bound and massively gagged traveling scene with trussed up ladies trying their hardest to escape. No of them ever manage to reach their goal, but it sure is fun watching their attempts!!

Massively taped up and squirming through the house after being jumped by a guy that her scum bag boyfriend ripped off. Kobe is relieved when room mate Gina Rae shows up. Gina mistakingly thinks at first that Kobe has been playing some kinky sexy games with her boyfriend and just laughs at kobe who is bitching through her own full back panties tightly packed in her mouth. Gina goes about her routine checking the mail, scolding Kobe when she sees a late notice from the credit card company. Kobe is bitching through her gag constantly but Gina misinterprets every sentence making Kobe grow more and more frustrated. Finally when Gina realizes that her cash stash is missing from her desk, she really listens as Kobe tells her that the girls have been robbed. Gina begins to peel the layers of adhesive from Kobe's face and Kobe continues to gag talk about her horrible PANTY GAGGED ordeal. Once Gina gets the massive wad of panties out of Kobe's mouth, Kobe begins to bitch at Gina for taking so long to help her. Gina asks Kobe again how it happened and she cracks up when Kobe says an intruder did that to her. Gina asks if this is some kind of joke but realizes that Kobe is serious. She begins to look for a way to get all of the tape off of Kobe's helpless body but then Kobe spills the news that the intruder stole Gina's $500 in cash, Gina crams the wad of panties back into Kobe's mouth and tightly hand gags her. Gina is fuming mad now at her careless room mate and Kobe is going to pay!!!

Sexy JJ is getting ready for a night out on the town. She slips on her silky stockings and puts on opera length gloves. Hearing some noises in the kitchen, she scolds her cats and goes to investigate. Suddenly, JJ lets out a curdling scream. Next we see JJ tightly trussed up and gagged. Gina Rae who has been stalking JJ has decided to steal, her passport and identity to start a new life. She is furious because JJ wont tell her where she keep the passport. She removes JJ's panty gag and gives her one last chance to tell Gina where the passport is. JJ remains defiant and Gina who has removed her own panties rubs them in JJ's face. JJ still refuses to give Gina the information, so she packs JJ panties back in her mouth and a second pair of her own. She uses sticky sports tape to hold them in before using scissors to put JJ's evening down and then removes her own panty hose, pulling them tightly over JJ's face and ties them on. She leaves JJ to "tear the house apart". JJ tumbles to the floor and makes her way through the house trying to find scissors or something sharp to free herself. JJ puts up a huge fight with elbows welded together as she makes her way down the hall, across the living room and to the kitchen. JJ curses Gina through her gag the entire way.

Lola Lynn, trophy wife of a very wealthy man has just moved into the most lavish country club in Southern California. Lola has let the maid go home for the day and is home alone when the door bell rings. She answers the door to see a well dressed business woman, Gina Rae, standing there. Gina explains to Lola that she has been sent by the home owner's association to conduct a survey and inform the tenants of ways to protect themselves from being victims of crime following an outbreak of bondage burglaries in the country club. She asks Lola if she is home alone and Lola explains that she is and that her husband is away on business. She asks if there are any weapons in the house and Lola says not. She asks how much cash and valuables Lola usually keeps and Lola explains that she has a large amount of valuable jewels including a huge diamond that she never wears in the bedroom and her husband keeps large amounts of cash stashed there too. Gina asks a few more questions to see if Lola is expecting anyone to stop over and as soon as she determines that Lola is a good target, She pulls out a pair of shears, grabs Lola and presses them to her throat. Next we see Lola tightly bound on a stool. Gina swiftly cuts her panties off and rubs them in her face reminding Lola how stupid it was to let Gina in. She forces the panties in Lola's mouth, tapes and wraps them in before exposing Lola's big boobies and given them some rough squeezes. This makes Lola furious. Gina leaves Lola bound, helpless and exposed while she goes to collect the valuables. Lola falls off the stool, scoots and rolls her way through the house bitching and gag talking. Lola is making a b-line to her bedroom in the hopes of getting to her purse, which contains a hideous amount of cash before Gina sees it. Lola makes it to the bed, flings herself on the mattress and scoots to the purse, Gina rips the purse away from her as she reaches it and snags the cash Counting it as she gloats. Lola looks on helpless bitching into her dirty panties. Gina thanks the foolish homeowner and leaves her bound and gagged , totally humiliated with her pantyhose pulled down.

Trussed up tightly in a ball tie, Trophy Wife Gina Rae is topless and stripped to her garter belt , back seam cuban stockings and gloves with a stranger cramming a huge white wad of cloth into her mouth. She is trying to tell him that she will be quiet and that she doesnt want to be gagged but already pushing the packing in, he cannot make out any of the garbled nonsense she is trying to pronounce. Once he is sure that she is sufficiently silenced, he goes back to work looking through her stuff for valuables. Packaged in such a tight ball makes moving difficult for Gina but she does manage to scoot toward the door and get part way across the room on her butt. The intruder catches her and pulls her back to the other side of the room. She receives a few swats on the rear and another rope to insure she won't be going anywhere before he leaves.

Kobe Lee had no idea until today that her scum bag boyfriend had been double crossing a danger bunch of drug dealers. Kobe thought she was going to go out and grab some dinner with her girlfriends but instead she winds up bound and gagged as one of the thugs demands either the drugs or the money. Kobe is clueless and insults her captor after she is all taped up. This results in her panties being cut off and she is forced to smell them before they are tightly packed in her mouth. Completely helpless, Kobe wriggles and squirms through the house trying to escape. Her captor meets her in the hallway. Seems he has found more than enough to settle the debt. He totally disregards Kobe's pleas to free her and she is left all trussed up.

The scene opens with Gina Rae tightly trussed and the intruder hand gagging her, demanding to know where she keeps her check book. Gina tries to tell him that she doesn’t have it. She exclaims that she left it on her desk at work but the intruder doesnt buy it. A red rag is crammed tightly in her mouth and a stretchy wrap is used to hold it in. He pushes her roughly onto the bed and tightens her ropes. After a few cracks on the behind, she is left as he makes his escape. Once alone, Gina Rae must fight her way to the house hoping to get to the back door to get help. Lots of nice close ups of Gina's intense travel through the bedroom, down the hall, across the foyer and into the office area. Will Gina get help, or will she remain helplessly bound and gagged?

All gagging done ON CAMERA!!! A must have for your collection!!


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