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GRM-48 “The Perils of Gina and Taylor”

60 Minutes

Starring: Gina Rae Michaels and Taylor Brady

This title contains a series of SIX exciting action packed vignettes with Damsel in Distress Themes.

Gina invites a boy over to play bondage games while her parents are away but soon learns that the boy has other things on his mind. Groping Gina was not part of the deal and neither was leaving her bound for her parents to find when they return.

Taylor surprises an intrude and ends up forced to strip and gag herself with her own panties before being strung up nude while he makes off with her things.

Gina returns home from a night of partying and passes out on the couch, only to wake up to an intruder pack her mouth and tying her up.

Taylor gets tricked into letting a stranger who claims to be a plumber while she is house sitting. Poor Taylor ends up trussed up and cleeve gagged. She is carried over the shoulder to the attic where she is chair tied with neck teathered to beam. “KIDNAPPED” is scrawled on a sign and photos are taken of her to aide in the collection of her ransom.

Gina lets a stranger in who claims that he is a friend of the family. Reluctant but afraid that her dad will be mad for being so rude to his friend, Gina turns her back on the man to let him wait on the sofa. This mistake leads to Gina being noosed to the ceiling and forced to fight to keep her balance on tiptoes on a high stool.

In the last scene, Taylor is lead into a room by her captor. She is tied on the bed with hands above her head. Her boots are removed and she watches unable to stop the man as he pulls off her jeans. Her legs are bound and she is left to struggle in panties, socks and t-shirt.

If you like girl next door style damsel in distress, you will love these exciting scenes!!!


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