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GRM 44 “Gag the Fuck out of Me!!””

88 Minutes $24.50 VHS or DVD


5 great action packed scenes that focus on massively packed mouths and layered gags featuring the models who can really take it and actually LOVED being gagged. ALL GAGGING ON CAMERA UPCLOSE!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to tie up and gag Gina Rae Michaels? In this video you get to hear her talk directly to you and tell you how she wants tied and gagged before seeing the action on screen. Shot in pov while she speaks directly into the camera, this scene is the closest thing to being there.

Fayth calls Gina on the phone and tells her how frustrating it is dating someone new who has no idea she likes to be bound and gagged. She asks Gina to help her out before her date by tying her up and “gagging the fuck out of her”. Unfortunately for Fayth, Gina doesn’t follow through and leaves her bound and gagged just minutes before her date is scheduled to pick her up. Will Fayth get free? Or will her new boyfriend find out her kinky secret?

JJ Plush and Gina are talking about a break in where the woman was robbed and left bound and gagged for hours. JJ laughs and tells Gina there is no way. “I don’t care how massively gagged I am, I could still scream for help!” JJ smugly exclaims. Gina wages a bet with JJ and soon she is lied up and massively gagged on camera. Who do you think will win this bet?

Samantha Grace is frustrated and just needs to scream into a massive wad of packing. She calls up Gina and begs to be tied and gagged. “Please just gag the fuck out of me!” Samantha pleads. Gina agrees and soon Samantha is screaming muffled screams into huge wad and multiple layers.

Gina’s annoying room mate Maxine just won’t shut up so Gina can concentrate. Gina drags the chatty girl to the garage and uses multiple layering to be sure that she wont be disruptive.

ALL GAGGING DONE ON CAMERA WITH LARGE MOUTHED LADIES WHO ARE KNOWN FOR THEIR LOVE OF THE GAG!! Lots of gag talking and bitching into their HUGE WADS! Don’t miss this opportunity to see some of the sexiest ladies who actually LOVE being bound and gagged!


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ID #: GRM44
Price: $24.50 Per DVD/VHS Tape
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