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74 Minutes


5 scenes of ladies gagged with their own socks and trying to talk up a storm through them!!

--"Hello!! It's the babysitter....I am bound and gagged!!!"- -

How hard could it be to entertain a couple of youngsters while their parents were away for the weekend? Gina Rae had planned many fun activities to keep them occupied. The first idea that she had was to make sock puppets but apparently these brats werent interested. Gina sipped some tea as she got all of the craft items out but something went wrong and she awoke to find her self trussed up super tight and gagged. She struggles on the floor complaining loudly through her gag and demanding they return to untie her. She manages to get her hand on her cell phone and dials the parents but they just think it's a joke as they can't make out a word of her muffled gag talking. "It's the baby sitter....I am bound and gagged................."

“Please, just gag my room mate to shut her up!!”

Gina Rae and JJ are being robbed. The two ladies are tightly trussed up with tape and the intruder is going through one of their purses while the pair argues with each other over who's fault it is and who forgot to lock the door. Each girl blames the other. The intruder isnt satisfied with what he has found in the purse so he demands to know where the valuables are. Both girls insist that they have nothibng but continue to argue. The intruder tells them to shut up and expresses out loud that he wishes he had brought something to gag them with. JJ, angry at Gina, tells the intruder to just use one of her sock to shut her up. The intruder rips the dirty sock off of Gina's foot and packs it tightly in her mouth, wrapping DUCT TAPE AROUND HER HEAD as JJ gloats and laughs. When finished he turns to JJ and she gets a massive gag wrapped in with coban. JJ pleads the intruder to ungag her and promises to tell him where the valuables are. Once ungagged, JJ blurts out many things for the intruder to take, but instead of letting her go, he CRAMS the sock back in her mouth and this time she also gets many layer of duct tape wound tightly around her head. The intruder rips open both the ladies blouses and squeezes their boobies before making his exit. Gina and JJ are left taped up and helpless trying to pick at each other's tape to get free. The snotty room mates continue to insult each other through their gags as the make their way off the bed, out of the bedroom and into the hall. Bickering and kicking at each other and calling names through their gags, they finally make it to the living room and try their best to get to the phone in JJ's bag. WIll the pair be able to call for help or will they remain helplessly bound and gagged?"?

“I've changed my mind!! I don't want to be a member of Alpha BetaMMMMmmmmppphhhh! “

Stacie had been looking forward to the sorority initiations all week long. She was finally going to be the member of the same prestigious college sorority that her older sister belonged to. Stacie hadn't realized that this sorority didnt joke around. She finds herself bound in the storage room and is told that if she can't escape, not only will she not be allowed to join, but photos will be taken and posted all over campus.Stacie has second thoughts but Gina doesn't listen and gags her anyway laughing as she walks away leaving Stacie to do the impossible. Eventually Mr. Wolfe comes in the storage room to get some supplies and stacie furiously gag talks and tries to tell him to untie her but being used to all this silly hazing stuff, he laughs and leaves Stacie struggling and gag talking. Will Stacie get accepted into the sorority or will she be the biggest joke on campus?? You will have to buy this clip to find out!!!!

Pushy sales girl silenced and left hogtied!!!

The door bell rings and annoying college student Gina Rae begins a ranting magazine sales pitch. The man answering the phone tries to politely decline but Gina continues. Finally he interrupts and admits that he can't buy anything as he isnt even the owner of the house but Gina presses and tells him to just give her money. "Guys always give cute girls money" Gina exclaims. That was obviously the wrong thing to say because that remark gets Gina tightly bound up. A wad of cloth is wrapped in tight and she is left to struggle. She rolls and scoots from room to room.


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