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GRM-29 “Tales of Twisted Bondage Torment”

90 Minutes $29.50 VHS or DVD

Starring : Gina Rae Michaels and Tina Williams with Lex Paris and Joe Brutto.

Two great abduction stories that are sure to please!! In the first story, “Netted on a Friday”, room mates Gina Rae (an accountant) and Tina Williams (a nurse) are returning home from work. Gina is excited, as she just won $500 on an instant scratch ticket. She offers to take her room mate out on the town to celebrate. The pair has no idea that a man is waiting in their apartment. These girls won’t be hitting the bars this weekend!! The nurse goes to change immediately and is grabbed by the intruder. She is tied to a chair. He drags room mate Gina into the bedroom and she is tied beside her friend. Gina manages to get to her cell phone and frantically tries to dial out for help but she is caught in the act and hogtied on the bed. The intruder returns and wraps a sheet around bound and gagged Gina and carries her way. He comes for the nurse next and both gals and thrown in the back of his SUV. Once they reach his home, both girls are carried in over his shoulder. He places Gina on the sofa and after unwrapping her, he places a stocking over her eyes to blind fold her. Gina struggles helplessly as he exits to tend to the nurse. Tina is also unwrapped and blindfolded. Soon, she is led to the couch where she is forced to kiss and fondle her bound friend. Tina fearing that the man will hurt them, does exactly what he wants. Soon, the pair is forced to lick, suck, worship and kiss each others nylon stocking clad feet.

If you like girl/girl interaction and forced lesbian, you will love this video. It also contains hand cuffs, stockings, pantyhose and a whole lot more. A great custom script written by David Casey that you won’t want to miss.

In the second story “Panty Raid”, sexy district attorney Gina Rae Michaels is coming home from a long week at the courthouse. Ms Michaels has no idea but her world is about to change forever. An ex-con that she helped convict for life has escaped from prison. Angered and even to settle the score, he has tracked down the D.A. and plans to exact revenge. Knowing full well, he has already lost his freedom with no chance for parole, he plans to make this snotty lady pay. Gina Rae is grabbed in the hallway and dragged to the living room. Forced to strip, she is humiliated as the stranger watches. When she gets to her panties, he swiftly cuts them off and packs them tightly into her mouth. During the course of the weekend, Ms Michaels is constantly menaced with her own dirty panties. Many ,many pairs are crammed into her mouth…one…two…three pairs at a time and tightly clear taped in….pulled out….more dirty pairs packed in. If you love panty gags, you wont want to miss this one!! SO MANY DIRTY PANTIES!! ….gina is forced to smell them……….they are rubbed in her face…..packed in…..pulled out…..YOU MAY SERIOUSLY NEVER NEED TO BUY ANOTHER PANTY GAGGED VIDEO…EVER!!!!

This video also contains, full nudity, blindfolds, nipple torment, bare feet, a unique shoe gag scene, lots of very sexual contact by the captor, and an extra sexy dildo scene at the end.


ID #: GRM29
Price: $29.50 Per DVD/VHS Tape
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