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GRM 27 “Tourista Anna K”

62 Minutes $19.50 VHS or DVD

Starring: Foxy.


Something a little different to add to your collection: Directed by new up-and-coming bondage producer Alexander Lightspear. An original rendition of my custom script.

****Please note that all dialogue in this film is spoken in Russian to add to the mood of this great story!!!***********

American Tourist Anna has taken a trip to Russian to spend the summer touring the country side staying in hostels. When her purse is stolen on the street she becomes in desperate need of money. Forced to find a source of income to replace her life savings that has been stolen, she befriends a Russian woman who lives near the hostel. The woman promises her good money for a few hours work. Anna's Russian is poor but she understands that it is some type of photo shoot for a detective magazine. Desperate and seeing no other way to return to the United States, Anna accepts the assignment and finds herself being trussed up by the Russian woman. Anna complains that the ropes on her wrists are too tight but the woman explains that it "MUST BE TIGHT TO LOOK REAL!!!!". When the woman begins lashing her ankles together Anna is alarmed as the ropes are hurting her but the woman barks at her and shoves a rag in her mouth, tying it in tightly. Anna is at the mercy of a Russian mad woman.

She soon learns that she is going to be photographed to be sold to some clients who buy sneakered girls and Anna is horrified. She struggles but is not going to escape the evil clutches of this foreign seller of girls.

Anna is forced to wear many different outfits and is put through all of the classic bondage positions until she is left in the final scene, hogtied, gagged, and blindfolded on the bed whimpering and awaiting her buyer.

This video contains many different gags, duct tape, rope, sneakers, socks, forced sock and shoe huffing, sock gags, handcuffs, shackles, bare feet, lingerie, spanking, and girl next door attire. Rigger “Stark” is great with fast moving on camera ties!!!


ID #: GRM27
Price: $19.50 Per DVD/VHS Tape
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