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GRM 141 "The Adventures of Gina Rae and A.J. Marion"
62 minutes

Starring: Gina Rae Michaels and A.J. Marion


Four role play scenes with Gina and A.J. "Bad Cop/ Bad Cop " runs first where bad cop Gina Rae decides to kidnap A.J. Marion and enlist the help of her police officer partner to help take the star witness out of the picture. AJ is carried over the shoulder, retied and toyed with. A.J. is a huge bundle of energy and has such a camera presence. You will love this new comer!! Next is "Photo shoot gone Wrong" where Gina goes to a shoot not realizing that the bondage and gagging will be real. In " Date Night", Gina and A.J. plan a bondage vacation for some sexy girl time. They settle in and get down to business. Gina ties up A.J. and A.J. loves the feel of the ropes and gag but they are soon interrupted by a man who has been given the wrong key by the front desk. Gina demands that he leave but after seeing AJ in such a compromising position, he wants both girls as his bondage captives. To finish things up "The bondage burglar" where Gina is in the bathtub talking to room mate A.J. about a bondage burglar who has been breaking into to houses in their neighborhood and tying girls up. GIna has no idea as she speaks to A.J that the burglar has broken in and is tying A.J. at the same time. Gina walks out after her bath and she is grabbed by the burglar as well. Great struggling and realistic DID bondage stories you will want to add to your collection.


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ID #: GRM141
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