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GRM 146 "Crystal's Nightmare"
65 minutes

Starring: Crystal Frost and Gina Rae Michaels


When waitress Crystal Frost flirts with a customer's boyfriend, she gets into a little trouble. After the gentleman leaves angry at this girlfriend, The girlfriend (Gina Rae) confronts Crystal. Crystal tries to keep the argument low key but soon Gina Rae begins to grope her in front of the other patrons. Crystal gets flustered and spills a drink on Gina. Furious Gina vows to get revenge and tells Crystal that she better watch her back after work. Later that day, Gina grabs Crystal after her shit, binds, gags, and puts a pillow case over her head. She throws Crystal in her trunk and takes her away. Once at a remote location, the trunk is opened and a frantic Crystal begs for her freedom. Gina puts Crystal to sleep before carrying her inside.

Crystal wakes up bound in the basement to a pole. She looks around and begins to scream through her gag. Gina approaches and gropes Crystal's boobs, exposing them, she licks Crystal's nipples and puts clothes pins on them, causing Crystal to wriggle before leaving her to struggle and gag talk.

Gina later returns for Crystal and makes a deal with her. She will let her go if she can pass some "waitress training". She strings Crystal up with a spreader bar between her legs and places two empty glasses of water in her hands. Gina fills the classes and tells Crystal if she spills a drop, she will not be set free. To add injury in insult, Gina tickles Crystal which drives Crystal crazy but she is able to maintain her composure. Gina then brings out a hitachi and fastens it to Crystals crotch. The fun begins. Crystal squeals and moans as the vibrator hums away on her crotch. She isnt able to contain her self and she sends water splashing all over. Gina gives her more chance but she fails them all. Eventually she is blindfolded, her glasses refilled and she has so many orgasms that one of the glasses even goes sailing.

Since Crystal failed her training, Gina has another planned for her. She ties Crystal bound and spread over the counter and produces a pony girl butt plug. She tells Crystal that she is going to insert it in her bottom and put a scrunchy around the pony tail. If Crystal can shake the scrunchy off, she can be set free. Gina uses tickling, ice and a hitachi to torment Crystal who grows more and more frustrated as she tries to make the scrunchy fall. Will Crystal succeed? or will she be forever in bondage hell? You will have to buy this one to find out.


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