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"GRM 10 Tourista Susan Simpson "

70 Minutes $19.50 VHS or DVD

Starring Fayth and Gina Rae Michaels


Recently divorced Susan Simpson is on vacation in Europe in an attempt to "find herself" after many years in a bad marriage. It is late at night and she is walking the streets trying to find a bank machine to get some cash. After many attempts she has found that her atm card is not working at the foreign financial institutions. She sees a woman by her car smoking a cigarette and approaches to ask if she knows any more bank locations. When she explains her situation to the woman, she is offered an easy job for some quick cash. Relieved Susan readily accepts and gets in the woman's car. Back at the woman's place, it is explained to Susan that this is a modeling assignment that pays very well. The woman explains that it is detective cover bondage. Susan admits that she has never been tied up but is curious to try, so the woman has he take a seat on the floor and begins tying her wrists. Susan complains that the ropes are too tight but the woman assures her that it will be fine as they have to make the bondage "look real". When the woman begins to work on her ankles Susan complains again and this time the woman gets angry cursing at Susan and CRAMMING A HUGE WAD of cloth in her mouth and cleaving it in super tight. Foreigner Susan is helplessly trussed up and MORTIFIED!!! What follows is simpson being put through a series of classic bondage positions with tight gags, progressive nudity, forced plimsol (sneaker)/sock huffing, bare feet, and plenty of pleading by Simpson to be set free. On screen tying and gagging in this custom flick. In the end she is nude, blindfolded and hogtied as she awaits the arrival of some clients for her to service.


ID #: GRM10
Price: $19.50 Per DVD/VHS Tape
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