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GRMDID-1 "Stalker in Distress"

60 Minutes $19.50 VHS or DVD

Starring: Brutticus, Jackie Ohh and Gina Rae Michaels

Gina Rae has just returned from a long night of partying and decides to have another drink on her hotel balcony. Little does she know, a creepy stalker dude who had been watching her at the party has followed her home. He waits in the shadows and watches as the erotic beauty smokes a cigarette and finishes her drink. When Gina decides to stumble inside for more liquor, the evil villain makes his move. Grabbing Gina from behind, he throws her on the bed and quickly over powers her, pulling her hair and sitting on her back. He cinches her wrists behind her and begins to tell her the nasty adventure that he has in store for her. Out of no where appears Gina’s room mate and before this guy even knows what’s happening, he is thrown across the room and tightly shackled by the duo. Our villain still taunts the pair with insults until he is finally gagged so tight that his eyes bulge. The ladies decide that it’s time to make an example out of this creep. They want to teach him what it’s really like to be a woman, so they begin his transformation by adorning him in a wig. After a forced stripping scene, the man is made to put on woman’s panties, a bra and a lovely chemise floral gown. The pair then apply full make up to his face, re-gag him and make him sit in front of a mirror giving him time to reflect on his bad behavior. Upon discovering that he is the lead singer for a local band, they make him listen to his favorite number, only they scratch the cd first causing it to skip and this contributes to the humiliation for our distressed stalker. After much torment, Gina decides that it is time to just get rid of this guy, but her accomplice has grown quite attached to the new toy that they fondly call “Agnes.” This video has a great turn about ending and an exciting erotic strap on scene at the end. If you are a fan of men tied, forced feminization, and humiliation you won’t want to miss this HOT 2 girl on one guy action adventure. It also contains smoking, boots, male dildo sucking, duct tape, sock gagging, A very good first time performance for new male fetish model Sub- Brutticus, as both the villain and the stalker in distress.


Price: $19.50 Per DVD/VHS Tape
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