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"LXP-1 Lex Paris Classic Video Vol 1"

120 Minutes $24.50 VHS or DVD

Starring: Tyler Scott, Summer, Tammy.


Three beautiful girls, all held captive in sneakers, sock gagged, spanked and forced to smell their own sweaty canvas tennis shoes. From fully clothed, forced to strip and in the end of each story, full nudity. Lots of close ups of sneakered and barefeet.

Tyler Scot in workout bra, sneakers, and jeans, leaves the gym to find that her car won’t start. She lifts the hood but is clueless as to how to solve the problem. She walks to a near by house to ask to use the phone. The gentleman who answers the door is more than happy to let the ponytailed gal in. Before she can make her call, she is grabbed and bound. Forced to strip, and later but on her spandex work out shorts she is put into more bondage positions. Handcuffed and shackled, she is eventually led up stair, where the story ends with her nude, hogtied, and gagged with her own sock.

Tammy dressed in plaid skirt and gym shoes is jumped when she returns home by an intruder. She is bound and gagged in a series of classic positions before being trunked and taken to an old garage where she is strung up on her sneakered toes, spanked, then bound again on an old mattress and forced to look at herself in the mirror. Forced shoe smelling, spanking, classic bondage positions, ball gags, and packed mouth cleeve gags in this great video.

Summer really needs money, so when she sees an ad for modeling, she quickly seizes the opportunity. She shows up thinking it’s going to be some easy glamour shoot but when she gets there, the creepy photographer insists on tying her up. Dressed in tank top, daisy dukes, and sneakers, she too is put through all of the classic positions. Forced to strip and gag herself with her own dirty panties, eventually Summer ends up nude and hogtied, blindfolded, gagged with her own stinky sweaty sock and forced to huff her dirty smelly sneakers.

Great Lex Paris Classic Video!


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ID #: LXP-1
Price: $24.50 Per DVD/VHS Tape
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