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"GRM-2 Forced Orgasms One : Pantyhose!"

71 Minutes $34.50 VHS or DVD

Starring: Gina Rae Michaels
Orgasms Courtesy of : Jack Banner and Jewell Marceau


Gina Rae Michael’s very first forced orgasm video. This video contains five great scenes with real multiple forced orgasms wearing pantyhose.

In scene one, Gina plays a leather-clad hot shot record producer who is meeting with some new talent. Gina humiliates her client by rushing him off. She tells him that she has more important people to meet with and he is simply not rock star material. The client gets furious and grabs Miss Michaels. Suddenly she is stripped down to her pantyhose, heels and bra, tied to a post and forced to orgasm too many times to count.

Gina also wears a hooters uniform, keds, slouch socks, and peavey hose with one leg tied high in the air. She is groped and forced to orgasm by a customer who has followed her home after hearing her comment on not getting enough sex.

Scene three has Gina’s legs spread high and pulled up to a spreader bar suspended from the ceiling. She is on her back and although the position is very demanding, she is able to cum several times. Gagged with an extra large ball gag, Gina looks sexy as ever.

The fourth scene has Gina abducted and chair tied by the evil Jack Banner who forces her to reveal her dirtiest bondage fantasy. He uses a radiator clamp to finally get the info out of her. Jack decides that Gina’s fantasy is no good, so he makes her live out his, using breath play while he works her with the Hitachi and plays with her nipples. Gina is un-gagged for this orgasm round, so you get to hear her squeals as she cums.

In the final scene, Jewell Marceau makes a special appearance to put office rival Gina in her place. After gagging and tying her up, she flips her on a hassock and begins to tickle her feet with the Hitachi. Jewell eventually plants the vibrator between Gina’s legs and forces out yet another mind blowing orgasm.

Nothing is ever fake when it comes to Gina’s videos and these thigh shaking, moaning, body convulsing REAL forced orgasms are a must see!! NO FAKE BULLSH**T!! 100% REAL!!!

This video contains packed mouth gags, tight coban, ball gags, sneakers, high heels, tight cleaves, high heels, short skirts, groping, on screen gagging and PANTYHOSE.


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ID #: GRM02
Price: $34.50 Per DVD/VHS Tape
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