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GRM 104 "Office Rivals”
60 minutes

Starring: Gina Rae Michaels and Samantha Grace


Gina Rae is getting ready for work when her ride and co- worker Samantha Grace arrives a bit early. Gina thinks nothing of it and goes to the door in her bra and pantyhose to let Samantha in before she finishes getting ready. Gina has no way of knowing that today is different and her once friend is angry about Gina’s new promotion. Samantha jumps Gina from behind and Gina is defenseless on the floor. Evil Samantha drags Gina’s sleeping body into the bedroom where she strip off her bra and waits for her to awake.

Gina wakes up slowly and Samantha forces her to held her arms above her head while she uses rope on her chest and gropes Gina. She puts on a purple double dildo strap-on and forces Gina to suck it. She scolds Gina and tells her that she knows she must have given better service to their boss to have beaten her out of the promotion.

She orders Gina on the bed where she ties her spread eagle, silences her with a ring gag and works over her pantyhose clad crotch with a vibrator. Samantha uses scissors to cut off Gina’s panties and pack them in her mouth before cutting the crotch out of her pantyhose and thrusting one end of the double dildo deep inside Gina’s pussy. She then ties Gina’s ankles together. She laughs are she takes pictures on her cell phone warning Gina that if she ever tells anyone she will text them to everyone in the office. Gina protests and watches in horror as Samantha takes off her pantyhose, panties and puts on a special pair of crotch less pantyhose. She puts clothes pins on Gina’s nipples before mounting the double dildo and having her way with the coworker.

You will love this rare opportunity to see Gina Rae dominated fully by the very skilled Samantha Grace!


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