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GRM 101 “Angie’s Orgasm Hell”

91 minutes

Starring: Angie Blackwell and Gina Rae Michaels


Sadistic lesbian Gina Rae has wanted to tie up her vanilla friend Angie for bondage sex for a long time. The problem is, Angie is freaked out by bondage and doesn’t like girls. One Friday night, Gina calls Angie and get her to agree to a quick 10 minute bondage session. Once Gina has her ropes on innocent Angie, all promises are broken and Angie first find herself humiliated as she gets off on Gina’s fondling and pussy probing with her fingers. Before Gina has any of Angie’s clothes off, she already cums in her panties. Gina taunts Angie and teaser her about her body’s betrayal.

Strung up like a puppet, Angie is butt plugged, flogged, waxed and forced to orgasm yet a second time.

Gina then aches Angie’s sexy body over a wooden chair and does to town on her again with the flogger, nipple clamps and hitachi. To Angie’s horror, this makes her super wet, but mean girl Gina pulls the hitachi away and ruins her orgasm again and again. Gagged with her own cum drenched panties, Angie growls and moans in frustration as she is taunted by Gina. Gina forces her to watch as she uses the hitachi on herself and cums right beside Angie. To make matter’s worse, Gina leave the hitach dangling right above Angie’s clit as she walks off. Angie arches but can’t seem to reach the hitachi to get any relief!!

For the fourth and final scene, Angie is in a tough inverted back bend. Gina drips candle wax of her exposed thighs bottom and pussy before inserting a butt plug. Gina uses the hitachi again as Angie must take the hitachi and all of it’s horrific vibrations with no way to fend it off. Angie drools, moans and even cries as Gina pushes her butt plug deep and gives her more multiple orgasms that you have ever seen!

This sexy forced orgasm video is one of a kind with torturous multiple mind blowing orgasms. Don’t miss this great flick!!


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